September 29, 2017


The Negotiating Committee, MEC officers, and ALPA advisors met with the Company team and our NMB mediator in Chicago on September 25-27 to discuss approaches to reach a tentative agreement. At this meeting, the Company presented an offer that did move closer to our positions.


The Company’s proposal was an improvement over its previous positions, but  management negotiators showed little flexibility in response to ALPA’s efforts to further improve the Company’s offer. The Negotiating Committee did not accept the current proposal, but will consult with the full MEC to determine next steps.


We will make a detailed presentation to the MEC at its regular meeting in MSP on October 9-12. At that time the MEC, working with the Negotiating Committee and advisors, will compare ALPA’s last offer with the  Company’s most recent offering, determine what is achievable, and chart our future course.


We understand that you are curious about the substance of the proposals, and we will communicate with you again after the full MEC has had an opportunity to analyze the situation and set the course. In the meantime, stay strong and unified.


In Unity,


Your MEC officers and Negotiating Committee