September 21, 2017


As we reported in the last issue of the X-Ray on Sept, 8, at our most recent mediation session ALPA made the last comprehensive proposal. Our federal mediator has scheduled another session in Chicago on September 25-26 at which time the company is to respond with their proposal. As you are well aware from our previous updates, the list of open items is short and we believe we are nearing the final stages of mediation. With that in mind we see three logical possibilities that could come out of this session:

1.   A new TA could be reached subject to MEC and pilot ratification;

2.   progress could be made short of a TA;

3.   we end the session with little or no progress.


The Negotiating Committee cannot meaningfully speculate on the chances of an immediate TA, as there are a number of issues and other factors in play. Meanwhile, “progress” could be defined as making significant movement towards a TA, or merely incremental progress, as we have previously seen at past sessions. Little or no progress would, of course, be disappointing.


Regardless of the outcome of the session at the end of the month, from here on out the name of the game is staying informed as the process specified by the RLA progresses. An informed and unified pilot group has been the key to our successes in years past. Just as any successful pilot group has stood together during times of adversity, we now need to stand as one as we navigate the end stages of mediation. 


Due to the unpredictable nature of negotiation, it’s been proven time and again on our property as well as others that things can change and events can happen quickly when in the endgame stages of bargaining. The landscape in which we operate and negotiate can change overnight. Be sure to read the updates from the MEC and the Negotiating Committee as things develop.


In Unity,


Your MEC and Negotiating Committee