July 10, 2017


June Bargaining Update


ARW ALPA Pilots –


At the June session ALPA presented a Term Sheet on all open issues (sections of the contract yet to be agreed to) including wage rates, per diem, signing bonus, a retention program and pilot health plan premium share. The Negotiating Committee is disappointed that the company rejected the ALPA offer and did not present a counter offer during our remaining time in Chicago. The Company may present their counter offer at the August mediation session.


The Company gives the impression that it seeks a "cost neutral" agreement that would only offer economic improvements in return for concessions in other areas of the contract -- a rearranging of the furniture, if you will.


Next week the MEC is meeting in Chicago for one of their three regularly scheduled MEC meetings. As with any meeting there are many topics of discussion, with contract negotiations being the main focus of this particular meeting.  During the meeting, staff from ALPA’s Legal, Representation, and Economic and Financial Analysis departments will be delivering briefings to the ALPA leadership.  The MEC will then consider options open to the pilot group under the Railway Labor Act in the event that negotiations remain stalled after the next bargaining session.


In Unity,


Bob Burgess

Negotiating Committee Chairman