June, 2016


Negotiations Update


Fellow Air Wisconsin Pilots:


The question has recently been asked regarding contract bargaining going forward: how do we resume bargaining after a rejected Tentative Agreement (TA), and where do we begin?


When a contract TA is rejected by the pilots, all previous contract section TAŐs go away.  Therefore, the parties could elect to start from scratch, bargaining from the beginning on current book language. When we and the Company met with the Mediator after the rejected TA in March, both parties decided to build on much of the previously agreed-to language in order to speed the bargaining process and not throw away the last five years of bargaining. This enables the process to proceed rapidly at first, allowing prompt agreement on non-economic, non-contentious issues.


On May 16, ALPA and the Company found common ground on many contract sections, resulting in new Tentative Agreements (TAŐs) on sections 8, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24 and 29. Section language passes were made on sections 5, 12, 22 and 26. Additionally, we have just concluded another phone poll to the pilots seeking information on priorities and opinions going forward. We will have the results in hand when we convene the next MEC meeting in Appleton on June 19.


Going forward, our Negotiating Committee has told the Company that in the end it is up to them if we are to reach a deal with the pilots. The message was clear last fall, and the polling and survey results support it: the company must invest more in the ARW pilot group in order to close out this round of bargaining. The Company knows that given recent economic gains by other pilots in the regional industry and the results of the rejected TA, our pilots expect more. The AWR pilots deserve a working agreement that acknowledges the professionals you are and we will continue to work towards that goal.


There have been numerous communications between ALPA, the company and the Mediator regarding future dates and locations. As you can imagine, it is difficult to find common availability given our NegotiatorsŐ schedules, the Company participantsŐ  schedules and the MediatorŐs availability. The next bargaining session is scheduled for July 26-29 in Chicago. Additional dates of August 15-17, September 6-9 and October 3-5 were also secured.


Please continue to stay in touch and informed.  Updated information is continually being distributed via this negotiations newsletter, and also via Podcasts, all-pilot conference calls, the Payday Hotline and ALPA emails. Also feel free to contact any member of the Negotiating Committee, your MEC officers or your local council Status Representatives with questions.  Remember, ItŐs your contract and your future!


On a side note, in the same week as the MEC meeting ARW ALPA is sponsoring our annual Picnic in Appleton at the Outagamie County Airport in Appleton, WI on Wednesday, June 22.  All employees and their families are invited. Stay tuned for times. Come if you can!


Your Negotiating Committee