April 1, 2016


March Negotiations Report


ItÕs been nearly nine months since we last met with the Company at the bargaining table, but weÕre pleased to report that mediated negotiations are running again and we have a full slate of negotiators sitting on our side of the table. In this message weÕd like to report on what was accomplished in the month of March.


As you should know, Mark Lockwood left Air Wisconsin early this year for another airline.  Mark had served faithfully on the committee as the Chairman for the last six years and his departure opened up a vacancy on the committee. During the most recent MEC meeting held in early March, the MEC elected Captain Reed Donoghue to fill the vacant position and also elected me, Bob Burgess, to fill the position of Chairman.  IÕm honored and look forward to serving in this capacity.


Since the rejected TA, the MEC has been hard at work determining what the interests of the pilots are in a new contract. Using on-line survey and phone polling results we have identified criteria that you want the MEC and Negotiating Committee to focus on.


We met with the Company and the Mediator last week in San Antonio, nearly five months after the Tentative Agreement (TA) was rejected. In attendance for ALPA were Negotiating Chairman Bob Burgess, committee members Graham Hoff-Downing and Reed Donoghue, MEC Chairman Chris Suhs, ALPA Senior Labor Relations Counsel David Holtzman (your ALPA negotiations attorney) and ALPA Financial Analyst Cory Tennen.  In attendance for the Company were Bob Frisch, Eddie Leverton, Andrea Swanson, Tina Vos and Jeff Bethune.


Both sides reviewed the rejected TA together to identify differences with our current CBA.  The ALPA Negotiating Committee highlighted why we believe the TA failed, using your survey answers and polling results to go over each contract section and show the company which items you thought were deficient.


Last year when we reached the agreement with the company, we had a tentatively agreed upon on 31 contract sections.  Since the TA was rejected during pilot ratification last fall, every section becomes negotiable and all elements of our contract are potentially in play. To date we currently have zero sections of the contract TAÕd.


The MEC and the Negotiating Committee will continue to work toward a Collective Bargaining Agreement that recognizes the Air Wisconsin Pilot group. Undoubtedly there are challenges we will face during this process and we ask you remain focused and engaged every step of the way. Last fall you sent the message that this group expects more in the current environment. Now the company has the opportunity to respond.


Our next mediated bargaining session with the Company is scheduled for May 18-20.  Please stay updated and informed via The X-Ray, Payday Hotline, emails, and Podcasts.  Remember, itÕs your contract, and your future.


Your Negotiating Committee