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June 15, 2016

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MEC Meeting, Elections & Co. Picnic Next Week in ATW

Hotel Committee Advisory

All-Reserve Conference Calls for July

May Jumpseat Issues

UAL Council 12 Invite for June 30 in ORD

April Committee Activity

April Resignations

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ALPA Elections and an ALPA-Sponsored Picnic in ATW: The June 19-22 MEC Meeting

By the ARW MEC


In accordance with Article IV, Section 3.A of the ALPA Constitution and By-Laws, and Section 4 of the ARW MEC Policy Manual, the Master Executive Council will hold a regular meeting of the MEC in Appleton, WI starting June 19th. The agenda for the MEC meeting has been developed over the last couple of weeks and is packed to the gills.  


In addition to the meeting, the MEC will host another summer picnic for ATW support staff on Wednesday June 22nd at 1200. If you are in the area, come out, grab a bite, and have a chat with your ALPA leadership and ARW staff.


As previously communicated an election of all three MEC Officers (The Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Secretary-Treasurer) in accordance with the applicable sections (section 3, 5) of the ARW-MEC Policy Manual will take place at the June meeting. Interested candidates refer to the applicable sections of the Policy Manual for procedures related to the election. Moreover, all committee chairman positions will be up for election. Expect to obtain live-meeting updates next week via our Twitter handle (insert handle) and also post-meeting updates via the Pay Day Hotline slated for June 30th.

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Hotel Committee Advisory

By Andrew Payne, Hotel Committee


As everyone is well aware, the GSP hotel situation is unfavorable. Losing one of the best hotels in the system and ending up at the current property has certainly generated some chatter. The company has made an interim attempt to rectify the situation by moving some crews to other hotels during construction at the Holiday Inn Express, but obviously this marginal effort is not enough. We have received dozens of emails concerning the GSP hotel and they are not falling on deaf ears, or at least not deaf ŇALPA ears.Ó


I have had many pilots voice concern about the decline in quality of our overnights. At times it can certainly feel that way, and we need your help to create an upward trend in the quality of our hotels moving forward. Here is what you can do.


1.   Download the CrewConneX app. This app will give you all the info concerning your overnight and even has a simple form to instantly provide feedback. ItŐs easy to use and auto updates with your schedule through CSS. Check it out.

2.   In addition to filling out complains via the CrewConneX, fill out a complaint form at arwalpa.org. This form goes directly to the hotel committee.

3.   Stick to the facts. Although sometimes it feels good to beat your chest and give the complaint form a piece of your mind, itŐs just not helpful. Keep it professional and to the point, like you would an ASAP.


We need feedback about hotels to provide the company. DonŐt be shy. If there are any health, safety, or cleanliness issues I urge to follow the proper channels so the issue can be addressed. If there is an issue that creates a possible fatigue situation, please use your professional judgment as to your course of action, and both the Association and the Company need to know about the fatigue-inducing conditions.


Fly Safe, and keep the hotel complaints coming. We need documentation to support our position. The process may seem unending, but your ALPA volunteers are working hard on your behalf. Hang in there.

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All-Reserve Conference Calls Scheduled for July
By the ARW MEC

Due to scheduling conflicts the scheduling committee needed to move the all-reserve conference call from June to July.

The ARW MEC, Scheduling Committee, and Grievance Committee will host two all-reserve conference calls in July, immediately following the 4th of July Holiday. Exact dates, times, and dial in information will be sent to each reserve pilot as the CA Relief Lines for July finalize. The dates will be published on the 1st of JUL PDH, and will be followed up with a phone reminder as the dates get closer to each reserve pilot. Participation in these all-reserve conference calls will help ensure that you stay current on the latest issues affecting reserve pilots. It will also provide you with an opportunity to speak directly with your union leaders, ask questions, and openly discuss issues specific to the life of a reservist such as contractual provisions, professional conduct, and reserve quality of life. [CS1] 

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I Thought We Were Done with the Snow: A Flurry of Jumpseat Issues in May

By Joe Cetrone, Jumpseat/Security Chairman


In addition to answering pilot questions about jumpseating, Chairman Cetrone reports to the MEC that there were numerous jumpseat issues. Below are the issues the committee worked to rectify:


á      A pilot was bumped off a Delta flight operated by ExpressJet due to gate agent who mistakenly thought that no reciprocal agreement existed between Air Wisconsin and ExpressJet. The committee reached out to ExpressJet and verified an agreement was in place. ExpressJet notified Delta operations in Minneapolis and regretted the event. Delta is aware of the issue.

á      A pilot was bumped off a Delta jumpseat because he did not have his passport in hand. The ALPA website clearly states that a passport OR driver's license are considered acceptable IDs for jumpseating. The committee contacted Delta and, as a result, the ALPA website will be changed to better highlight this. Clarification will be sent to the captain who operated the Delta flight.

á      A pilot was bumped off an American flight in Chicago due to the gate agentŐs refusal to check-in the pilot during the boarding process. The committee attempted contact with American regarding the check-in issues on numerous occasions and they are still awaiting a response.

á      A pilot was almost bumped off an American flight leaving Dallas due to the gate agents not clearing the pilot (and other non-revs) with open seats. The gate agent said "ramp control" prohibited her from clearing anybody. The jumpseating pilot was able to speak to the captain and get everybody on board.

á      An Air Wisconsin pilot was initially denied an Air Wisconsin jumpseat out of Portland, Maine. The Air Wisconsin pilot was checked-in first and the seat was given to a mainline pilot. The ARW pilot had to correct the gate agent to occupy the seat.

á      The Wings site went down. More than a dozen pilots were unable to Jumpseat and/or make a listing.


If you have any issues, please let Chairman Cetrone and the committee know so that they may work to rectify the issue. Ending on a better note, Joe reports that Air Georgian & Air Wisconsin finally have a reciprocal cabin jumpseat agreement! Hello, Canada!

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United Airlines Council 12 to ARW Pilots: Join us for our June 30th Local Council Meeting

By the ARW MEC


United Airlines Council 12 is formally inviting any ARW pilot who lives in the ORD area to their local council meeting on June 30. This is the second year in a row that the local leadership has extended an invite to all ALPA members interested in attending. Captain Tim Canoll will be present to say some words and also answer any questions the group may have.


The meeting will begin promptly at 1000 am on June 30 at the UAL MEC office located on 9550 W. Higgins Road, Suite 1000 (10th floor) Rosemont, IL. Attire for this particular meeting is business casual. If you are planning on attending please notify the ARWMEC Officers at arwmecofficers@alpa.org so we can pass along a rough estimate of how many ARW members will be in attendance. 


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Committee Activity for April 2016

By Graham Hoff-Downing, MEC Secretary-Treasurer


Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback reports that we have 10 pilots out on STD. The STD Bank balance is about $50,000, and will be turned on per 27.G.10.a. of the CBA.


Negotiating Chairman Bob Burgess and his team had quite the month of May. The week of May 10 and 24 our Negotiating Committee participated in the Coffee and Conversation events in DCA and PHL, respectively. The committee talked to pilots about the progress of our negotiations (or lack thereof), the 2018 Sunrise or Sunset campaign, attended two  Recurrent Ground School classes and participated in a robust Q&A session with the attendees.


On May 16 and 23, the Negotiating Committee participated in two all-pilot conference calls, where they presented a briefing to participants and answered questions. The Negotiating Committee also attended a bargaining session with the company in Dallas, TX the week of May 16. Tentative Agreements (TAs) were achieved on twelve non-economic contract sections with language passes on four more. Lastly, there were numerous communications between ALPA, the company, and the Mediator regarding future dates and locations, with the next bargaining session scheduled for July 26-29 in Chicago.


Communications Chairman Ken Reinert accomplished the usual administrative work during May. Work is progressing on the Wiss-key with a planned print/release by the end of June Đ the timeline isnŐt going to allow it to be ready by the ATW MEC meeting, unfortunately. Also Ken added the Sunrise or Sunset campaign presence to the ARW web page, and all campaign communications are being archived there. In addition, there are a few minor issues with the web site that are being worked on in coordination with Increase Marketing, the firm that assists in web development.


Chairman Josh Schmitt and the rest of the Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) worked a few issues in April and May. One of the completed tasks was the FRMC podcast on Friday April 16th, where the team highlighted the current happenings of the committee. Some subjects covered were 117 Regulation and Definition reviews and hotel issues. You can find the podcast at www.ARWALPA.org. Lastly, the committee reminds the pilot group to be as detailed as possible in their fatigue reports and thanks you all for your vigilance.


Chairman Ron Stocki of FOQA and the FMT held a teleconference on May 26, 2016. Ron Stocki, Christine Carnie, Gregg Syring, and Morgan Scribner were all on the call and the group covered issues ranging from recent events in the FOQA data, to the transition of Morgan to an FMT leadership position.


According to Chairman Ken Nesbitt, the Grievance Committee [CS2] According to Chairman Ken Nesbitt, the Grievance Committee had another busy month of May helping pilots with their issues. They had issue forms filed with them and advised pilots on whether to file an issue form or not. Their newest member, Luke Ragusa, is up to speed and busy working our issues forms along with Jimmy Abdalla. Several issues were sent to the Company with no resolution as of yet. Two actual grievances were filed with the Company and heard in May, with denials received and appeals pending. The first grievance was due to changing of hotels in BDL where a hotel with pending construction and no seatbelts in some of the vans was chosen unilaterally by the Company. The second grievance was in response to the Company offering additional compensation in the form of an iPad to a select number of FOs to do some flying chosen by the Company. The Association objects to this because this was additional compensation offered to only a few pilots selected by the Company, including those who did not have a say so in whether they were working over the time period chosen by the Company. The committee will pass along any additional information as it becomes available. 




Grievance Committee Member Dave Anderson and Jimmy Abdalla is in charge of the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Dave regarding your issue form, please make his job easier by calling back or responding to the e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process, during which the issue form filer needs to be actively engaged.


Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section. Please be patient with the Grievance Committee as they work through your issues and attempt to get you made whole. This issues form and grievance path is unfortunately not a timely process, and if you do have questions about an outstanding issue you filed with committee, please email them with your issue number, date you submitted, and/or topic of your issue in the email so they can reference it in a timely manner.


Chairman of Professional Standards Greg Killeen worked four cases in May, all of which have been resolved.


Jumpseat Committee Chairman Joe Cetrone had a busy month dealing with a multitude of jumpseat issues in May. Reference the separate jumpseat article in this PDH that covers recent issues and happenings on the committee.


Community Involvement Committee Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger reports that there were events held in three of our domiciles in May, with the individual reports below.


ORF: Norfolk CIC teamed up with the local Pilots for Kids chapter for two visits to the CHKD children's hospital in Norfolk. In total 6 pilots visited with the children on the two visits. 


DCA: Pilots from our DCA CIC participated in the National Police Week 5K. Proceeds benefitted the Officer Down Memorial Fund. 


LGA: La Guardia pilots volunteered to help trim and nurse cherry trees at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, NY. The workshop was put on by Greening Greenwood.


Retirement and Insurance Chairman Rich Clarke reports that his team attended the T. Rowe Price annual forum in Naples, FL in May. The forum was a three-day conference where T. Rowe Price clients came together to learn about their respective retirement plans and interacted with other plan sponsors. The theme of this yearŐs forum was Think Wellness, where speakers presented topics ranging from retirement strategies to nutritional wellness. Overall, the conference was very informative. If you have any questions related to the conference, forward them to your R and I Committee.


Legislative Affairs Chairman Jeffrey Woodham, and the rest of the committee report that, in May, ALPA-PAC surpassed 10,000 contributors ALPA-wide and has become the largest Transportation Labor PAC by contributions to Federal candidates.


The Legislative Affairs Committee recorded one of the May Podcasts with an update on NAI's application for a Foreign Air Carrier Permit. If you missed it, the recording of this podcast can be found at http://ARWALPA.org.


On May 12th, ARW pilots joined hundreds of other ALPA pilots and aviation employees in Washington to picket the White House to Deny NAI. More than 18,500 ALPA members have participated in the call to action on NAI. Over 200 Members of Congress and Senators wrote letters into the docket at DOT, and the legislation to Deny NAI, HR 5090, has added 120 cosponsors. Two presidential candidates have voiced opposition to NAI's business plan. All of this increases pressure on DOT, but the committee reminds pilots to remain engaged and informed.


Despite recent, increasing pressure from the Senate, the House is showing no signs of taking up the FAA Reauthorization bill any time soon. As the agencyŐs current authorization is set to expire on July 15, Congress is likely to pass an extension in the next month.


On Monday and Tuesday of this week ALPA hosted the annual Legislative Summit in Washington, DC. An update on this event is forthcoming.


Uniform Committee Chairman Joanna Marmon is currently working on a quick reference login guide for the various uniform supply companies. We are also looking into new uniform suppliers and are hoping to provide samples in our crew rooms.


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New ARW MEC Twitter feed!


The ARW MEC and Communications Committee is activating on their new Twitter feed, which you can follow @ARWALPACOMMS.  This is another communications tool that the MEC is adding to its arsenal to bring you news and updates, and is part of the new integrated web-based communications platform that we introduced earlier this year.  For those of you who arenŐt on Facebook, now you have an alternative to stay connected with your MEC!


The feed is live nowÉ again, you can follow us @ARWALPACOMMS.  In addition to our regular broadcasts, look for live updates from the MEC meeting being held next week in Appleton, WI.

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April 2016 Resignations

By ARW Membership Committee


ID #

First Name

Last Name

Resignation Date



































Chase II
































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Upcoming Dates

June 19-23          MEC Meeting, ATW

June 23               ALPA/Company Picnic, ATW

June 23-24          FFD Interview Workshops, MSP

June 30               UAL Council meeting w/President Canoll, ORD

July 26-29           Mediated Negotiations, ORD



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 [CS1]This was originally communicated in the previous PDH as being scheduled in June.

 [CS2]This reflects JodyŐs edits