May 16, 2016 ARW Pay Day Hotline


MEC Podcasts

By Graham Hoff-Downing, ARW MEC Secretary-Treasurer


As a reminder, the MEC has a serialized podcast that can be accessed, not only on and, but also through the ARW MEC Facebook page. You can subscribe/follow the MEC podcast through ipadio by creating an account and clicking on the green arrow next to any of the previously recorded podcasts.


The podcasts are very short (2-5 minutes) updates on the various happenings within the committee structure, the MEC, and the MEC Officers. The MEC highly encourages everyone to take a few minutes each week and listen in for accurate and timely updates on activities within ARW ALPA. We also encourage you to keep your finger on the pulse of ARW ALPA communications for announcements on other new and improved communications that are currently in the brainstorming stage.


Election 2016: June Poised to be a Big Month for Elections at ARW-ALPA

By the ARW MEC


In addition to the election of all three MEC Officers (The Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Secretary-Treasurer), all of the Committee Chairman positions will be up for election during the June 19th-23rd MEC meeting. The elections will be held in accordance with the applicable sections of the ARW MEC Policy Manual, which can be found on  Interested candidates refer to the applicable sections of the Policy Manual for procedures related to the election. If you have any questions about this process, please contact any one of your MEC Officers.



DTW, GSP Hotel Transportation

By the ARW Hotel Committee


We've noticed some growing pains as we've transitioned hotels recently in several of the markets we serve. Namely the DTW and GSP properties are a little further from dining options than we would like in an ideal situation. That being said, the properties themselves are very nice. In order that ALPA was comfortable approving these properties for use, we made sure the hotels guaranteed that their vans would be made available at all hours of the day to take crews to and from dining options. Please be aware that this service is available when deciding where to dine on your overnights, and please report any issues with van promptness and availability. Both of these properties promised that their vans would accommodate crew requests as soon as possible, and gave a 30-minute guarantee in GSP. Please enjoy the new facilities and utilize all the tools we are being offered to enhance the quality of your overnights.



The Fee-For-Departure Committee (FFDC)

By Graham Hoff-Downing, ARW MEC Secretary-Treasurer


The FFDC is a national ALPA committee that focuses on problems and solutions within our segment of the industry. One of the many ways in which the FFDC provides solutions is by resources to assist FFD pilots in career progression. Click here to access the FFDC page on You will need your ALPA number and password to access the webpage. The FFDC hosts interview and resume workshops periodically with times, dates, and locations posted to their website. For example, the next workshop is in Denver, CO at the Crowne Plaza Airport Convention Center on Tuesday, May 24, Wednesday, May 25, and Thursday, May 26. Interested parties can register for this event here.



DENY NAI: ARW-ALPA Pickets the White House (and POTUS)

By the ARW Legislative Affairs Committee


Air Wisconsin-ALPA was one of (if not, the) best represented FFD carriers at the Deny NAI event held along 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW on Thursday, May 13. There were at least 10 current, and 2 former, Air Wisconsin pilots stood in solidarity, and in protest, of Norwegian Air InternationalÕs flag of convenience scheme; a scheme that undercuts Open Skies to gain an unjust economic advantage over European and U.S. airlines.


Also in attendance were more than 300 ALPA pilots, along with hundreds of other U.S. aviation workers from the AFL-CIO, the Allied Pilots Association, the Association of Flight Attendants, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, the Communication Workers of America, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots, the Southwest Airlines PilotsÕ Association, and the Transport Workers Union of America. See more HERE.



Committee Activity for April 2016

By Graham Hoff-Downing, ARW MEC Secretary-Treasurer


Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback Aeromedical has 12 Pilots out on STD. The STD bank is at $37,000 and will be turned on for a few months per 27.G.10.a. of the CBA.


Negotiating Chairman Bob Burgess and member Reed Donoghue attended the ALPA negotiations training seminar in Herndon, VA the week of April 4th. The week of April 11th, the pair also traveled to ATW to meet with Eddie Spry-Leverton, Andrea Swanson, and Margo Berg for the purpose of language development on a company-proposed contractual provision.


Scheduling Chairman Abdullah Bawagad has a few reminders for crews relating to relief line bidding. Remember, if you are bidding on relief lines and you really count on getting one of those lines that you bid all the relief lines in sequential order, especially if you are a junior pilot. For example, if you are middling on seniority (say 40 of 80 in domicile), and you want a relief line, you should bid those lines prior to your number 40 choice. If you are number 80 out of 80, you will likely not get your top choice(s). In this case, bidding all of the relief lines in sequential order gives a better chance even if someone senior bids these lines (lower in their priority) that only selected one or two relief lines. Also, please keep in mind that it is possible to have additional flying on the 1st day of next monthÕs bid, even on a day off if the current month includes a LC at the end of it.


CASC Chairman Dan Lehenbauer was very busy in March and April. Albeit a fear of being a bit reductionist, what follows will be a condensed version of the incredible amount of work Dan and his team accomplished. Dan reminds everyone that FOQA Òcrew contactsÓ are now in progress. Rather than elaborate here, IBT in Quarter 1, as well as previous editions of the Pay Day Hotline, discuss Crew Contacts in detail. ÒCrew ContactsÓ allow us to know why an event was captured and analyzed in the FOQA program. Should you be contacted by an ALPA Gatekeeper for further information, rest assured you have the full protection of anonymity from the company and FAA.


ARW Safety is currently in the process of joining ATSAP (Air Traffic Safety Action Program). This program is analogous to the ASAP program that we utilize here and has synonymous goals. ATSAP will utilize a tool called CISP (Confidential Information Sharing Program), which de-identifies reports and ensures anonymity while providing invaluable safety data to the interested stakeholders. Currently, there is a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) being developed that will be signed by all of the parties outlining the program and the parameters that will keep our data safe and anonymous. More detail on this program will be provided by your CASC in the near future.


In March, members of CASC went to the biannual Aviation Safety InfoShare Conference in Philadelphia. Your ALPA reps have been attending these conferences for years with the first having an attendance record of about 35 people. This conference, 793 attendees from airlines all over the world were in attendance. InfoShare is a confidential conference sponsored by the FAA, in which Government and industry stakeholders share and discuss aviation safety concerns. As a community, we have achieved a remarkable safety record and remain committed to advancing aviation safety even further. InfoShare offers the safety community a unique opportunity to come together in a private setting to learn from each otherÕs experiences. However, the success of InfoShare relies on the active participation of the community. We all use voluntary safety programs such as FOQA and ASAP, and LOSA to manage safety within our respective organizations and these programs play a vital role in advancing safety.


Chairman of the ASAP Committee, Chris Fuson reports that the committee currently has 73 open events, many of which will be closed soon. ASAP ERC meetings were conducted on April 1, 6, 12, and 26. Now that the de-icing season is over, the committee is pleased to report that they received very few reports regarding de-icing issues.


Chairman Josh Schmitt of the Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) had two Event Review calls in April. FRM was able to catch up with backlogged events. The Committee reviewed a whole host of problems, most notably with 117 issues and hotel issues. We cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your contract but, more importantly, your own personal limits. We are only human and everyone has a different threshold for pain, so please assess your fatigue levels on a leg-by-leg basis. In regards to hotel issues, the new CrewConnex app and site makes it easy to leave hotel feedback. The feedback gathered is used to drive change and hopefully mitigate fatigue. Thank you for your continued vested interest in safety.


Chairman Ron Stocki of FOQA spent the bulk of his committee work preparing a revision of the FOQA Implementation and Operation Plan (I & O), which is the FOQA equivalent of the FOM. Other than the I & O, Ron partook in a teleconference with the rest of the FMT, which both ALPA and ARW discussed issues ranging from recent FOQA events, to proposed changes to the FDR data processor. In regards to the latter, the FOQA committee will be monitoring to ensure that the same level of data protection is maintained.


Grievance Committee Members Dave Anderson and Jimmy Abdalla are in charge of the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Dave regarding your issue form, please make his job easier by calling back or responding to the e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process, during which time the pilot who filed the issue needs to be actively engaged.


Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section. Please be patient with the Grievance Committee as they work through your issues and attempt to get you made whole.  This issues form and grievance path is unfortunately not a timely process, and if you do have questions about an outstanding issue you filed with committee, please email them with your issue number, date you submitted, and/or topic of your issue in the email so they can reference it in a timely manner.


Chairman Charlie Mader reports that the Training and Testing Committee was busy in the month of April, but many of the issues that were addressed were redacted from the report, as they are confidential. Charlie was also involved in assisting the new membership committee team getting oriented to their roles.


Chairman Thorne Saylor reports that the Hotel Committee inspected hotels in BOS, EWR, BDL, and HSV during the week of April 24. Four cities and about 20 hotels were diligently inspected by the ALPA and AFA team. New hotels were selected in each city that we think will meet the pilotÕs needs for some time to come. Of note, the Company has elected to place crews in a La Quinta in BDL that does not meet ALPAÕs expectations of comfort and quiet, and a grievance has been filed. Stay tuned for results, and keep the hotel complaint forms coming via


Chairman of Professional Standards Greg Killeen reports that his team worked four cases last month.


Jumpseat Committee Chairman Joe Centrone (and company) are waiting on Air Canada Express carriers to submit their end of the paperwork for a reciprocal agreement. Our end is already signed and they have a June 1 deadline.


An Air Wisconsin pilot was bumped off our own jumpseat in Nashville. The particular pilot had trouble creating a listing on myidtravel and showed up to the gate during boarding. The committee advises pilots to inform them of any issues that are encountered with myidtravel. Also, it is important to note that you may have to change the departure time depending on how close you make your commute as some flights will not appear. For example, if your flight departs at 12:25 please manually type in 12:00 and your flight should be listed.


The Community Involvement Committee Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger reports that the CIC held two events in April. On April 30, the CIC participated for the second year in a row at the Step Up for the Up Center charity race to the top of the Westin building in Virginia Beach, VA. Our second event took place on April 23 in our LGA domicile, where the CIC volunteered at the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition for a dog walking event. Remember to check your emails for CIC event announcements.


Legislative Affairs Chairman Jeffrey Woodham, and the rest of the committee, report that the new Call To Action went live regarding Norwegian Air International in April. So far more than 15,000 ALPA pilots have completed the C2A with 27% of ARW pilots participating. The DOT has extended the deadline for public comment on NAIÕs foreign air carrier permit application approval 10 days to May 16 so thereÕs still time to complete the C2A for those pilots who have not done so. On April 28th, Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-OR; Ranking Member of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee), Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ; Chairman of the Aviation Subcommittee), Rick Larsen (D-WA; Ranking Member of the Aviation Subcommittee), and Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) introduced H.R. 5090, a bill to halt NAIÕs application.


On FAA Reauthorization there is good news. In April, the Senate passed its version of the FAA Reauth bill which now moves to the House for further consideration. In the bill are many hard-fought victories, such as maintaining first officer training and qualification requirements, flight time duty time regulations, secondary barriers on all new commercial passenger aircraft, and classifying lithium batteries as hazmat when shipped as cargo.


Uniform Committee Chairman Joanna Marmon spent April getting oriented to her new position. She hit the ground running and reports that her team is looking into additional potential approved vendors. Moreover, the team is planning to make a quick reference guide for each vendor and expense reporting.


James Killen of the VeteranÕs Affairs Committee is getting settled into his new role as chairman and looks forward to serving our outstanding veterans. Additionally, Chad Monroe ( or 414-975-3210) and Brandon Newport ( or 808-221-4046) have been added to the committee in order to assist with any issues that may arise.  Please do not hesitate to contact James at or 850-525-4622 if you have any questions or concerns regarding our contract or its implementation.



April 2016 Resignations

By the ARW Membership Committee


Employee #

First Name

Last Name

Resignation Date







Mora (Hayden)




















































Taylor Jr




Tyner II




Silva Santiago












Van Uitert












Upcoming Dates

May 16-20               Mediated Negotiations, DFW

May 18-19               Executive Board Meeting, IAD

May 24-26               FFD Interview Workshops, DEN

June 19-23              MEC meeting, ATW

June 23-24              FFD Interview Workshops, MSP