April 30, 2016

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Q June 19-23 MEC Meeting, ATW

Q FFD Workshops Prepare Pilots for Mainline Opportunities

Q #DenyNAI at the White House May 12

Q Fox News Internally Outfoxed: What Was Left Out of Recent Reporting on Substance Abuse Among Airline Pilots?

Q How are We Doing?

Q Hotel Committee

Q KCM Change for Personal International Travel

Q Upcoming Dates


June 19-23 MEC Meeting, ATW

By the ARW MEC

In accordance with Article IV, Section 3.A of the ALPA Constitution and By-Laws, and Section 4 of the ARW MEC Policy Manual, the Master Executive Council will hold a regular meeting of the MEC in Appleton, WI. In addition to the meeting, the MEC will host another summer picnic for ATW support staff. The agenda for the meeting will be developed over the next couple of weeks and will likely be packed to the gills.  

The June meeting will necessitate an election of all three MEC Officers (The Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Secretary-Treasurer) in accordance with the applicable sections (section 3, 5) of the ARW MEC Policy Manual. Interested candidates refer to the applicable sections of the Policy Manual for procedures related to the election.

We encourage any pilot who would like a specific topic discussed at the meeting to contact their local rep to begin the dialogue. Expect to hear some post-meeting updates in the Pay Day Hotline shortly after the meeting takes place.


FFD Workshops Prepare Pilots for Mainline Opportunities

Nearly 100 ALPA pilots from 11 airlines attended last week's Cage Marshall Interview Prep Workshops at the Association's Herndon, Va., Conference Center. Sponsored by the ALPA Fee-for-Departure (FFD) Committee, these events are one of several resources the Association offers its members to enhance and improve their career-progression prospects.

Workshop participants learned what mainline and national airlines are looking for, both on paper and in person. "We want to give you an idea of what you should expect during the interview process from beginning to end," said Cage Marshall owner Angie Marshall, who was accompanied by director of Operations DeeDee Onodera-Brown. FFD Committee member F/O Karen Lacy (XJT) served as the event's moderator.

Pilots participated in mock interviews designed to test decision-making abilities while assessing character and probing for inconsistencies.

"I'm here because I want to be able to present myself as accurately and in the best light possible," said F/O Jason Harris (MAG), explaining his reasons for attending. "I learned a tremendous amount in just the first hour," he added.

The FFD Committee will hold the next round of workshops May 24–26 at the Denver Crowne Plaza Airport Convention Center. Register today!


#DenyNAI at the White House May 12

By the ARW MEC

We asked for your help to #DenyNAI and you responded! According to ALPA government affairs, ARW had the highest response rate for the Deny NAI Call to Action (C2A) among all FFD carriers, and was #3 (behind Delta and United) among ALL ALPA pilot groups. Well done! Now we are asking you to step up again, particularly if you live in the DC metro area..

In two weeks, ALPA is asking for pilots to join them as we TAKE ACTION to Deny NAI. At high noon on May 12, ALPA pilots will picket in front of the White House alongside our labor colleagues. We will be there in force to show our unity and strength in opposition to the recent tentative approval of Norwegian Air International's (NAI) application for a foreign air carrier permit. In order to make this event a success, we need as many pilots as possible to join us. RSVP here.



Airline Employees Mobilize to #DenyNAI


Thursday, May 12, 2016




Lafayette Park (1601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC)

Since the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced its intention to approve NAI's application, we have mobilized this battle. More than 15,000 ALPA members have participated in our Call to Action in the past two weeks—shattering all of our previous records. ALPA staff swiftly organized legislation, which was introduced in the House today, as well as congressional sign-on letters. Words mean much, as does the support of our allies, but nothing speaks quite so loudly as the presence of ALPA members in uniform demanding what is right. On May 12, we hope the president will see our unity and our strength as he considers our demand to #DenyNAI.

Haven’t signed the call to action yet? It just takes a few seconds.

Tell the DOT to support fair competition, and #DenyNAI - HERE

Retweet on Twitter: HERE

On the ALPA Website HERE

Our press statement is HERE


Fox News Internally Outfoxed: What Was Left Out of Recent Reporting on Substance Abuse Among Airline Pilots?

By Graham Hoff-Downing, ARW-MEC Secretary-Treasurer

Fox News released a report on Wednesday April 27, 2016 ostensibly blowing the lid off what they deem a “danger in the cockpit.” This report proceeds to outline what Fox News claims is a burgeoning issue: airline pilots engaging in criminal activity and in substance abuse-related violations. The story, which poorly analyzed data from FOIA reports, contains a number of inaccuracies and ALPA plans to address these issues publicly. Although not a complete list, just two of the glaring issues ALPA will address are:

Š      The article implies that all of the pilots who experienced these issues are airline pilots, but the FOIA request Fox obtained also included pilots with commercial licenses. Some unknown number of non-airline pilots were contained within the utilized data. Since there are approximately 100,000 commercial pilots and 150,000 ATPs, the reported number is likely wildly inaccurate.

Š      The reported 2015 rate of 0.2% positive tests for drugs/alcohol includes all aviation professions, from mechanics to dispatchers, and not just airline pilots.

An impending report should be released soon, refuting each incorrect assertion, point by point. Check your emails for FastReads, ALPA.org, and the Pay Day Hotline for further information.


How are We Doing?

By ARW Communications

Over the past 8 years, ARW ALPA has developed, refined, and implemented a robust communications platform in order to communicate pertinent and timely information to the Air Wisconsin pilot group. Our platform consists of the weekly Podcast, the bi-weekly PDH, Fastreads, the X-Ray, the award winning Wiss-key magazine, and “Robo-call” for when we need to communicate right this second.

With that said, it would be remiss not to periodically ask the pilot group for input on what’s working, and what is not, communications-wise. We’re asking for your input to maintain and improve our communications vehicles. Please take a moment to comment and suggest at your earliest convenience to MEC Secretary Treasurer Graham Hoff-Downing at Graham.Hoff-Downing@alpa.org and/or MEC Vice Chairman Thorne Saylor at Thorne.Saylor@alpa.org.


Hotel Committee

By the ARW MEC

This week your ARW ALPA Hotel Committee conducted inspections in several cities—BOS, EWR, BDL, and HSV. Around 20 properties were inspected, split amongst the four cities. Some were outstanding, some were “ok”, and a few were exceptionally awful. The committee is working hard to keep the hotel quality of life at our current standard, and we feel that this week’s work supported that fully. Each city had at least one hotel approved by ALPA as a primary crew hotel, and one alternate for irregular ops or if the primary hotel has an issue arise such as a broken water main, fire, etc.

From here the Company will enter final negotiations with the ALPA-approved properties, and, based on those, look for possible changes in the above mentioned cities. As always, if you encounter a problem, or have something good to say about a particular hotel, please utilize the hotel complaint form found on the www.arwalpa.org website. This ensures that ALPA receives every comment, good or bad, about hotel issues. It’s also a good idea to submit your complaint/comments via the CrewConnex app that Air Wisconsin utilizes.


KCM Change for Personal International Travel

By the ARW MEC

Effective Saturday April 30th, crew members will no longer be permitted to enter the sterile area through the Known Crew Member (KCM) checkpoint for personal international travel. Instead, crew members on personal international travel will be required to enter the sterile area through a normal TSA passenger screening checkpoint before embarking on their flight. This new restriction and change in TSA policy only applies to crew members traveling internationally for personal reasons, not to those who are deadheading or on company business. If you are on company business and/or deadheading, you are still permitted to use KCM in lieu of normal TSA passenger screening.

There is no change in TSA screening procedures for crew members who are traveling domestically. Those individuals may continue to utilize KCM in accordance with current TSA policies.

Do not attempt to utilize KCM if you are traveling internationally for personal reasons. Any attempt to use KCM under these circumstances is a violation of TSA protocols and could result in a loss of KCM privileges, a Letter of Investigation (LOI), and/or civil penalties. If you will be traveling on an international flight segment for any reason other than company business, you are no longer allowed to use KCM to enter the sterile area.

Additional information will be published on the www.knowncrewmember.org website and will post any changes if necessary.


Upcoming Dates

April 12

May 18-19

May 24-26

Deny NAI event at the White House

118th Executive Board Meeting, IAD

FFD Interview Workshops, DEN

June 19-23

ARW MEC Meeting