February 1, 2016 ARW Pay Day Hotline


LEC 50 Captain Rep Election Ballot

By Thorne Saylor, ARW MEC Vice Chairman


The ARW Council 50 Captain Representative election ballot is scheduled to close at 10:00 AM ET on Wednesday, February 10, at 10:00 Eastern Time. This election will determine who will be the Captain Representative for the term ending 28 February 2017. It’s imperative that you make your wishes known via the election process. Without input from the pilot group, your ALPA leadership cannot execute your work effectively. Please take a moment to log in to www.crewroom.alpa.org with your ALPA number and password, select the green “ballot open” button, and cast your vote.



LEC 49 First Officer Rep Resignation

By LEC 49


Council 49 FO Rep Will DeShazer has tendered his resignation to the Company, and to the ARW MEC. Will has accepted a job at a mainline carrier, with his last day at Air Wisconsin being today, February 1. Many thanks to Will for his tireless efforts and determination while representing the pilots of Air Wisconsin. Good luck, Will, with your new job, and on behalf of the ARW MEC and pilot group, many thanks.


Will is succeeded by First Officer Luis Sevedra, who will hold an interim position as Council 49 FO Rep until a general election can be held.  The purpose of the interim rep is to assure the First Officers of Council 49 do not go unrepresented during the election process.  That process started at the same meeting when Jimmy Abdalla and Luis Sevedra were nominated to the First Officer ballot that will open in the coming weeks.



ALPA Committee Changes



During a Special MEC Meeting held via conference call, Captain Reed Donoghue was selected to join the Negotiating Committee. Reed is the currently the longest-serving member of the MEC, and will be invaluable to the negotiating team that is working hard to attain the goals of the Air Wisconsin pilot group.


Also, First Officer JoAnna Marmon was selected to chair the Uniform Committee, as the former Chairman, Dan Shtarker, is moving forward with his aviation career. Thank you, Dan, for all your hard work on behalf of Air Wisconsin and ALPA. Welcome aboard, JoAnna, and congratulations to everyone.






Recently the MEC announced the activation of the new one stop shop for ARW ALPA, www.arwalpa.org. The MEC requests that all pilots utilize the Hotel and Jumpseat forms that can be found at www.arwalpa.org from this date forward.  In addition to the new website, there is a tool the volunteers will utilize to manage and archive all Hotel and Jumpseat complaints indefinitely.  The grievance issue form can be accessed from the new site and will redirect all members to the current form we are all accustomed to.


We ask that you bookmark this site and begin to explore the information that is contained there.  If there is content you need that can’t find on the site, or if something that you find does not work properly, please send an email explaining the malfunction to ARWCommunications@alpa.org. We’re also interested in hearing your impressions and opinions of the website, whether they’re good, bad or in-between.



CLT Hotel Issues

By Thorne Saylor, ARW MEC Vice Chairman


The Hotel Committee has seen a marked increase in hotel complaints concerning the CLT crew/training hotel. The committee is diligently looking into the safety concerns highlighted by crewmembers and has become a “front burner” issue for the Hotel Committee. In the meantime, if you experience any problems with your stay at the Ramada in CLT, it’s imperative you visit www.arwalpa.org and file a hotel complaint. The Hotel Committee needs documentation in order to effect a change of hotels. For those of you who have taken the time to write a complaint so far, many thanks.



Riders on the Storm -- ALPA and Congressional Staff Meet Amid Federal Government Shutdown

By Graham Hoff-Downing, MEC Secretary-Treasurer


In the aftermath of fierce storms last week, pilots from five MECs, including ARW-ALPA, attended meetings with U.S. House Offices in Washington D.C. In spite of the federal government shutdown after the record-breaking blizzard, many individual congressional offices were open and ALPA pilots were there to advocate for our priorities and interests. The chief purpose of these meetings was to ensure that the next FAA reauthorization is successful and meets the ever-changing needs of our industry. ALPA volunteers held more than 40 individual meetings in an attempt to alert lawmakers yet again of the importance of the many issues that face the airline industry, from secondary barriers to the threat of lithium-ion batteries on the operation of aircraft.


As a refresher, reauthorization is the means by which Congress prescribes changes, additions, and deletions to the FAA law. Through this process, legislation is created that modifies current programs to meet changing needs in that area of the law. Funding levels and policy priorities are integral to a reauthorization.


The last FAA reauthorization was without any debate or reform to the law and occurred on September 28, 2015. This stopgap measure took the current authorization and extended it for 6 months, a mere dilatory tactic to any change or debate. ALPA leadership, including our very own Captain Matt Chadwick and Captain Jeffrey Woodham, worked valiantly and diligently to inform lawmakers that dilatory tactics cannot be tolerated when it comes to the multitude of issues facing the U.S. airline industry. Of the 40 meetings, Captain Chadwick visited 12 congressional offices over the course of three days to share ALPA’s stance on the issues. With just weeks to go, time will tell whether our lawmakers will take the prudent course or, again, kick the can down the road and further threaten airline safety and economics.



CIRP Committee

By Aric Newsted, CIRP Committee Chairman


Hello everyone, and Happy New Year. With all of the turnover we have had, I'd like to take a moment of your time and explain what CIRP is and what we do for you. 


The Critical Incident Response Program is part of the ALPA safety team. We have committees at most of the ALPA airlines. I am the Chairman for the Air Wisconsin (ARW) committee.


Our role is to be there for you, the flight crew, when you have had issues at work or at home. We are trained to help mitigate the psychological impact of an incident or accident and aid in the normal recovery from these events before harmful stress reactions affect job performance, careers, families and health. 


We define a critical incident as a stressful event that made evoke stress reactions by those either directly or indirectly involved.


Stress reactions are psychological and physiological changes that occur in a person who has been exposed to a stressful event. Often we may not recognize our stress reactions and maybe even believe that because of our training and experience we are immune to them. 

There have been studies done that have shown that pilots not receiving any critical incident stress support, 60 to 70 percent left their aviation careers within two years of the critical incident or accident. 


Stress reactions may appear within days or they may take months or years to surface. If stress reactions do not diminish in frequency and intensity within a few weeks of the event, assistance from a mental health professional may be necessary, and ALPA can help with that. 


What happens is that we receive a company debrief report after an emergency has been declared. We analyze those reports and attempt to make crew contact with the ones that we feel are warranted. When we call you, we are simply reaching out; making sure you feel well and understand that we are here for you. We are completely confidential. 


If you feel that you have had a stressful situation and you have not received a call, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you have any questions and want to learn more please feel free to reach out. 


Have a safe and wonderful 2016!


CIRP Chairman Aric Newsted (616) 443-8443

CIRP Vice Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger (480) 250-6190

CIRP Volunteer Rob Alward (651) 587-3466

CIRP Volunteer Jarrett Heiting (941) 875-2443



New FOQA LOA - Crew Contacts

By Ron Stocki, FOQA Chairman


The Association and the company have signed a new Letter of Agreement renewing the authorization and protections of Air Wisconsin's FOQA program.  The new LOA combined with the ACARS database that was completed last year will allow your ALPA gatekeepers to anonymously contact crews when more details are needed about events found in the data.  There is more information about crew contacts in the quarter 1 FOQA IBT.


If you are contacted by a gatekeeper, you are not in trouble!  The LOA ensures that data from the FOQA program, including anything said in a crew contact, is not to be used for any disciplinary purpose.  FOQA does not even have a mechanism for corrective action like ASAP uses.  The sole purpose of the program is to figure out what and why an event occurred so that future occurrences can be prevented.  The ALPA gatekeepers are the only people with the ability to connect the event to the involved crew, and that is only possible for the 14 days following the event.  After 14 days, no one, not even the gatekeepers, can connect a crew to a FOQA event.


So when will the gatekeepers contact a crew?  Ideally, crew contacts will be rare.  We will begin with only our highest risk events of wrong-flap takeoffs and high-energy approaches.  If we see one of these events in the data, we will do our best to look up the crewmember’s schedule, and find the best time to call the day after the event.  If the call comes at a bad time, feel free to ignore it, but please call us back when it works best for you.  During the call, the gatekeeper will present the data surrounding the event and ask for any details the crewmember can add that caused it to occur.  Any information the crewmember is willing to share will be presented, without identification of course, to the training and/or flight department to help make the operation safer for everybody.


If you would like to review the FOQA LOA, it will soon be available on the ARW ALPA website.  If you have any questions, please contact a gatekeeper for more information.  Ron Stocki (406) 690-4061 or Christine Carnie (936) 537-2479.



Upcoming Dates

Feb 10                Council 50 Captain Rep election concludes

Feb 29 – Mar 3    ALPA Leadership Training Conference, Herndon

March                 ARW MEC Meeting