January 15, 2016 ARW Pay Day Hotline


ARW Pilot Phone Poll January 19-26

By ARW Negotiating Committee


As part of the MEC’s efforts to develop an understanding of what our pilots need in a new contract, we are launching a telephone survey to a scientific sample of the pilot group. The polling will begin on January 19 and run for one week.  The survey questionnaire is built on the responses you gave us via the online survey and will also incorporate standard subject matter questions particular to our situation.


The phone poll will be performed by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, whose operators will call more than 100 pilots to get a representative sample of our pilot group. The survey sample will be chosen to accurately reflect the demographics of our group so that we have the proper ratio of captains to first officers and junior vs. senior pilots. The sample size will also be weighted to ensure that each council and domicile is properly represented.


If you are randomly chosen to participate, your Caller ID will show 603-821-4939 with text that reads “UNH SURVEY CENT.” Please pick up the phone and give the pollster your honest opinions -- the input from the survey group is vital in negotiations going forward.  If you are not able to answer the call right away the University of New Hampshire will try again, but due to cost and time constraints they will eventually move on to the next chosen participant. If you are not selected to participate, as always you are encouraged to contact any Negotiating Committee member with your concerns. The phone poll will conclude on January 26. 


Our bargaining continues to be mediated under the National Mediation Board’s guidance and the negotiating process is continuing, albeit slowly.  As our TA was voted down we (and our Company) were given some time to reflect on our decisions and priorities.  With the information gained in the online survey and the phone poll we anticipate being back at the table with the company in the near future.


Thanks for your time and involvement, and stay informed.


Committee Vacancies: Negotiations and Uniform



The MEC is posting a “help wanted” notice to fill two upcoming vacancies on the Negotiating and Uniform Committees. If you are interested in serving on either of these important committees, please forward your resume and a letter of intent to ARW MEC Vice Chairman Thorne Saylor, at thorne.saylor@alpa.org. Candidate selection will be open for one week, and will close on 25 January at 18:00 Eastern Time.




The MEC is seeking a motivated, disciplined, and highly knowledgeable candidate to fill an upcoming vacancy on the Negotiating Committee. The duties and responsibilities of the Negotiating Committee are as follows:


Negotiating Committee:


a.   Composition:


     i.         This committee shall have a chairman elected by the MEC as per Section 4 Paragraph B.2


   ii.         Committee chairmen of MEC standing committees shall be considered as part-time members of the committee when called upon by the MEC Chairman or the committee chairman to assist in their respective areas of jurisdiction and responsibility.


b.  Term of Office:


The term of office of the committee shall be from the time of election until a majority of the MEC members decide that all or part of the committee should be replaced.


c.   Scope:


i.         Only the Negotiating Committee shall negotiate the Basic Agreement, except as otherwise provided by the Railway Labor Act and ALPA Constitution and By- Laws; provided that, prior to seeking the signature of the President of the Association, such Agreement must be ratified according to the MEMBERSHIP RATIFICATION COMMITTEE RULES AND POLICY RESOLUTION MANUAL contained in APPENDIX #4.


ii.       The MEC may issue specific instructions to the committee at any time during negotiations.


d.  Duties and Responsibilities:


i.         Negotiations with AWAC management representatives shall be conducted with the full pilot committee present, except when the members mutually agree to conduct such meetings in the absence of one or more of the members.


ii.       During negotiations, the committee, including the MEC Chairman as an ex-officio member, shall be cognizant of the fact that they are a committee of, and directly responsible to the MEC. It shall be their obligation to keep the MEC fully informed as to the progress of negotiations.


iii.     During negotiations, committee reports and review with the MEC will be made:


(1)   At each MEC meeting held while negotiations are in progress.

(2)   Where a need for additional assistance or clarification from the MEC is required.

(3)   Where basic changes or departures from principle and/or philosophies established by the MEC are contemplated.

(4)   Where unresolved intra-committee conflicts occur.

(5)   Upon any deadlock in negotiations.

(6)   When tentative agreement is reached with the company on a major portion of a contract revision.

(7)   At any other time the MEC Chairman or Negotiating Committee feels that a report to the MEC is warranted.


iv.     The committee shall be expected to maintain constant and direct communication with the MEC Officers, or their designee during all processes of negotiations, through and including final consummation of an amendment of the Agreement.


v.       During negotiations, consistent with good negotiating practices, the committee shall make periodic progress reports.


(1)   As appropriate, a communication suitable for Code-a-Phone loading shall be emailed.

(2)   As appropriate, a letter suitable for posting on union bulletin boards, containing a summary of the status of negotiations, shall be distributed to the MEC.

(3)   Periodically by mail to all ARW pilots on the status of negotiations and associated information.

(4)   Complete copies of all pilot and company proposals will be made available to individual MEC members on a request basis.


vi.     The committee shall develop and publish a manual explaining the intent of the Agreement, paragraph by paragraph.




The MEC is also seeking a motivated, disciplined, and highly knowledgeable candidate to fill an upcoming vacancy on the Uniform Committee. Duties and responsibilities of the Uniform Committee are as follows:


Uniform Committee:


a.   Composition: The committee shall have a chairman and members appointed by the committee chairman as necessary.


b.  Term of Office: The term of office of the committee chairman shall be concurrent with the term of the office of the MEC Chairman.


c.   Scope:


i.         To consult with the Company regarding uniform changes as required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

ii.       To encourage the professional appearance of our pilots.


d.  Duties and Responsibilities:


i.         To establish and maintain a relationship with the Company to enforce the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


ii.       To develop a means to encourage the professional appearance of our pilots.


Per MEC and ALPA policy, all ARW MEC Committee Chairmen and committee members shall be active status members in good standing of the Association.


If you are interested in serving on either of these important committees, please forward your resume and a letter of intent to ARW MEC Vice Chairman Thorne Saylor, at thorne.saylor@alpa.org. Candidate selection will be open for one week, and will close on 25 January at 18:00 Eastern Time.


EFB Reminder

The MEC and CASC would like to remind pilots of the following concerning the EFB and NavTech software:


·      Ensure Jeppesen plates are out and being referenced during all operations.  It is the company’s expectation that all FOM policies are being followed with respect to when a Jeppesen plate needs to be out and present for reference.  For example, an ILS approach plate needs to be out at night whether it’s VMC or IMC.


·      Any confusing or inaccurate data needs to be pointed out in an ASAP report, an email to ARWEFB@alpa.org, and directly to the company.


·      All pilots are highly encouraged to complete the EFB module in 2016 Q1 IBT as soon as you can.


·      Manual updates are allowed to be completed at any time.  The company is not restricting manual updates to days off only. As soon as an update is available and a pilot has connected the device to Wi-Fi, you can update. HOWEVER all iOS updates still need to be approved by the company.


·      There were some problems with an en-route map chart update that auto pushed on January 7th.  Ensure your en-route charts are indeed up to date.  If they are not, please email Andy.Ullrich@airwis.com for instructions on how to fix the problem.




PAC Reminder

By Jeff Woodham, Legislative Affairs Chairman


Happy New Year from the Legislative Affairs Committee!  2016 is upon us and your Legislative Affairs Committee would like to thank those pilots who made PAC contributions in 2015.  As you’ve read from me many times before, ALPA-PAC is your voice in Washington and around the country.  It is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from ALPA pilots.


If you made a one-time donation in 2015, we strongly encourage you to consider signing up for a recurring contribution here.  And if you didn’t back the PAC last year, now is a great time to sign up for 2016. 


Congress is expected to introduce an FAA Reauthorization bill in the coming weeks.  Our input is vital to ensuring that hard-won pilot training and qualification and rest requirements remain in place.  Every pilot at Air Wisconsin surely remembers the ban on hover-boards last month because they pose a fire hazard, and ALPA is fighting to classify lithium batteries as dangerous goods so they may be regulated when shipped as cargo.  The fight for mandatory secondary barriers on the entire US commercial passenger fleet continues.  And more.


The implementation of the Excise Tax or “Cadillac Tax” on your employer-sponsored healthcare has been delayed from 2018 to 2020.  Congress has made the Excise Tax deductible from other tax liabilities (similar to the exemption for state and local taxes already on the books) and will initiate a study of the effects of the excise tax on various kinds of coverage, specifically gender and geographic differences in costs.  This two-year delay and the accompanying modifications serve as a temporary solution. While delaying the tax is a welcome step in the right direction, ALPA will continue to fight for a full repeal.


These are only some of the issues your ALPA-PAC dollars work to address by supporting Pilot-Partisan candidates.  You can learn more about ALPA’s Government Affairs work on ALPA’s Advocacy page


Ensure your voice is heard in Washington and that your interests are represented before Congress.  Commitment from pilots like you is vital to our success, Back the PAC in 2016 with a recurring monthly contribution.


Committee Activity for December 2015

By Graham Hoff-Downing, MEC Secretary-Treasurer


This article provides you with an overview of our committees, building on updates from past MEC communications, including Facebook and other media. Our ARW ALPA volunteers do an incredible amount of “heavy lifting” for our pilot group, ALPA, the MEC, and Air Wisconsin (that’s right, we’re trying to help Air Wisconsin become a better company).


While it’s important for you to know about the work that’s being done, it’s equally important for you to understand the role each committee has in helping the MEC fulfill its mission. This is a summary of the work of your fellow line pilot ALPA volunteers.


Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback reports that it was a very busy month. We have six pilots out on Short Term Disability, the STD Bank has a balance of about $40,000, and the bank will be turned on for a few months to raise the balance to $60,000.


Negotiating Chairman Mark Lockwood pronounced to the officers that he had his hands on many diverse activities last month. Mark held a negotiations-related meeting with the AFA, concluded the negotiations survey, began planning for phone polling, and coordinated separately with both the NMB Mediator and the Grievance Committee.


CASC Chairman Dan Lehenbauer administered his diverse duties with gusto in December. In December, Dan and company (CASC) traveled to Appleton to participate in FOQA discussions to keep the program moving forward. Forthcoming, pilots can expect “Crew Contacts” to start happening from your ALPA pilot gatekeepers. More information will be published about Crew Contacts as we get closer to their start date. While in Appleton, Chris Suhs and Dan Lehenbauer also met with the company concerning the NavTech software. Please continue to file ASAP reports if you find inconsistencies between Jeppesen and NavTech data. This can include anything from missing data, wrong data, confusing data, or anything you want to point out from a user functionality standpoint. Remember, ASAP Is a safety program, not only for specific events, but also to bring attention ANYTHING that could hinder safety. If you see something unsafe, ASAP it!


During the discussions on NavTech, CASC reps saw a presentation from our IT department. CASC viewed company computer programs that basically track every update that pilots perform on their iPads. The company knows which iOS version is on the iPad, knows which NavTech App is installed, and more importantly, knows which chart update you have. Therefore, it is very important that we keep our iPads current, just as we do for our Jeppesen charts and AWAC manuals. Let’s just say, “Big Brother is watching.”


CASC would like to remind all flight crews to continue to wear the safety vests while conducting preflight and post flight inspections of the airplane. Also, please ensure your cell phones and personal electronic devices are off or switched into airplane mode from gate to gate. We are hearing reports that pilots are checking their phones on taxi-out and taxi-in, which is unacceptable. The only acceptable time to be using the phone is with the parking brake set in accordance with company guidelines. It is also important to ensure the iPads are in airplane mode as well while using them. This will prolong battery life.


Chairman of the ASAP committee, Chris Fuson also had a very busy December handling ASAP reports, as they saw a spike in reports due to the iPads being delivered. ASAP assigned an analyst to review all NavTech reports with each report getting forwarded onto NavTech if it contains an error. They have identified many issues with NavTech and they are being dealt with promptly. The committee understands that many people are nervous about switching to this type of chart; however, rest assured ASAP is doing everything they can to make sure that all errors are fixed quickly. ASAP currently has 45 open reports, mostly of which are related to iPad/NavTech issues.


Chairman Josh Schmitt and the rest of the Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) report that December was relatively uneventful for the Fatigue Risk Management Committee. The Committee did process a normal amount of reports. Of those reports, we noticed an uptick in those on reserve using the program.


Chairman Ron Stocki of FOQA continued monitoring of FOQA data for significant events in December. In addition, a trip to ATW was accomplished with Ron Stocki, Christine Carnie, and Dan Lehenbauer in attendance. The purpose of this meeting was FOQA/IT-related and the subjects that the committee addressed at ARW HQ were:


·      Oversaw and verified the final piece of company-identifiable FOQA data being turned off. Identified data access is now limited exclusively to the ALPA Gatekeepers and only for a 14-day period.

·      IT accepted some minor tweaks and corrections to the ACARS database that they built for FOQA and we expect those issues to be addressed in the first quarter of 2016.

·      The final elements required for signing of the FOQA LOA were completed on this trip. The renewed FOQA LOA will ensure pilots are protected against misuse of FOQA data.


The renewed FOQA LOA paves the way for gatekeepers to begin making crew contacts soon. FOQA is currently preparing a member education campaign to inform pilots of the confidentiality of data and the contractual protections they have when contacted by a gatekeeper. This campaign is currently set to include IBT (already in Q1), Payday Hotline article, and a joint Fastread/Company Announcement.


According to Chairman Ken Nesbitt of the Grievance Committee, December was slightly busier than normal. In addition to the regular workload, the committee held a meeting in the MSP office. Ken and Dave recruited an additional member, Jimmy Abdalla, to bolster the committee. The committee is very pleased that Jimmy was willing to step up and volunteer and they are satisfied with his performance thus far. The committee expects more great things to come from Jimmy in the near future.


At the meeting in MSP, the committee worked through a lot of the backlog of issues that had accumulated over the fall and holiday seasons. Several issues were sent to the Company and almost all of them have been resolved, with the affected pilots being made whole. There are still a few that are outstanding on the Company’s side but the committee expects those to be completed in the next few days. No additional grievances were filed in December. The committee expects that a few to be closed in the next month or so. We have obviously changed hotels in ROC and the committee hopes that grievance to be completed soon. For January and February, the committee will be planning their next meeting with the Company in hopes to resolve the remaining issues. Please stay tuned for additional updates.


Grievance Committee Member Dave Anderson and Jimmy Abdalla are in charge of the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Dave or Jimmy regarding your issue form, please make their jobs easier by calling back or responding to the e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process, during which the issue form filer needs to be actively engaged.


Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section. Please be patient with the Grievance Committee as they work through your issues and attempt to get you made whole. This issues form and grievance path is unfortunately not a timely process, and if you do have questions about an outstanding issue you filed with committee, please email them with your issue number, the date you submitted your issue, and/or topic of your issue in the email so they can reference it in a timely manner.


Chairman Charlie Mader reports that the Training and Testing Committee attended a few new-hire orientation lunches for the Membership Committee. In addition, the committee answered questions for pilots regarding the conduct of special tracking events. As a reminder to the pilot group, special tracking (ST) events are required any time you receive an incomplete or unsatisfactory on an element of AQP. If this is the case, you can expect to be scheduled for a special tracking retest approximately 6 months later. This retest is handled almost exactly the same way as the original AQP event except that you will only be tested on the element that you originally failed. For example, if you failed your oral you will only be given an oral and will not be required to fly the sim). Then, assuming the retest goes well, you will be removed from special tracking and will be scheduled for the normal AQP events again in or around your original base month. 


ARW Hotel Committee wants to remind crews to take the time to submit their hotel reports whenever they have something notable (positive or negative) occur on an overnight. This is best done through the CSS site, as those reports go directly to AWAC and can be dealt with accordingly; however, the ALPA hotel form goes to the committee members and we can follow up as well. Also, PLEASE take cabs when you reach 30 minutes past block in. It is unfortunate that crews are forfeiting valuable rest time standing and waiting at the curb because the hotel says they are “on the way” or “close.” It is not your obligation to wait even if the van is a few minutes away. Get the cab and get your rest.


Jumpseat Committee Chairman Joe Cetrone was unusually busy in December. The Mesa Airlines (dba United Express) issue has been solved by United Airlines IT and Mesa. Pilots should have no issues commuting on a United-branded Mesa aircraft in/out of Dulles or any other station. The Mesa issue was long in the tooth and was fixed due to Nick Chichester’s efforts.


The Jumpseat Committee also recommends that crewmembers advise station personnel politely and professionally when they have jumpseat priority on our own aircraft. I would also like to remind our pilot group that when filling out reports that it is important to have as much detail as possible and to fill out a report for any and all issues that you have.


The Community Involvement Committee Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger reports the following events occurred in December:


LGA: New LGA Coordinator Paul Marks has received an ALPA email address and is planning events for the near future.


ORF: On December 18th, pilots volunteered at the Connect With a Wish Christmas Party in Virginia Beach. CIC brought gifts donated by ALPA, Pilots For Kids, and Air Wisconsin. On December 19th, CIC held its second cleanup of the Marshview Park Trail.


DCA: Coordinator Matthew Inkel organized a group to volunteer with Wreaths Across America. They helped place wreaths on graves at Arlington National Cemetery.


PHL: no updates or activity.


The CIC committee reminds everyone to check email inboxes and ALPA communications for future events.


In December, Legislative Affairs Chairman Jeffrey Woodham drafted a message for the 12/15 PDH. Pushing the same PAC message, a communication went out with the help of ALPA Membership to individual ARW pilots who supported the PAC in 2014 but had yet to do so in 2015.


In Washington, the year-end tax-extender bill or "omnibus bill" included a provision to delay the implementation of the healthcare excise tax or "Cadillac-Tax" two years from 2018 to 2020, advocacy for full repeal continues. An FAA Reauthorization bill is expected at the end of January.


As of the week before Christmas, Air Wisconsin ranked third overall among all ALPA carriers in participation in the current Calls-To-Action. UAL and DAL were in first and second, respectively, with ARW less than 1% behind DAL.


Resignation List Omission

The resignation list normally attached to this week’s PDH is delayed until next month due to the holidays and other year-end activities. December’s resignation list will be included with January’s resignations in the 15 FEB PDH.


Upcoming Dates


January 19-26        Pilot Telephone Survey

January 23             LGA CIC Event at Brooklyn Animal Resource Center

January 25             Deadline to apply for Negotiations, Uniform committee vacancies

March                     ARW MEC Meeting