November 30, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


New ALPA Call to Action: Open Skies



When we asked, you responded: according to ALPA government affairs, Air Wisconsin’s participation in legislative calls to action has more than doubled in the past month. On October 23, only 9% of the group had sent a message to their member of Congress. But our numbers have grown steadily – so much so that by November 25, almost 20 percent of our pilots had participated. Well done!


Now that you have stepped up, we have a new C2A we would like to ask you to join. Today, your participation is needed to move the President of the United States to enforce our Open Skies agreements with the UAE and Qatar.


Our international routes and the domestic feed that supports them are under threat right now from three state-owned, heavily subsidized airlines in the Middle East. Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar (the ME3) are taking delivery of three new widebody airframes each month – aircraft purchased with more than $40 billion worth of subsidies and other unfair benefits from their governments. As a point of comparison, the global airline industry collectively generated less than $15 billion in profit last year – and that was a record setting year.


Every route we lose to these carriers costs us more than 800 jobs. Those jobs include mainline crews on international routes, regional crews connecting passengers onto those flights, and many others involved in the process. If we lose this fight, it will eventually mean the loss of a huge segment of our industry. It is incumbent upon every single ALPA member to protect our careers by joining our Call to Action.


Our ask to the government is simple: Enforce our Open Skies agreements. The deals the Unites States signed with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates specifically prohibit this kind of anti-competitive behavior. Let the President know that he must take action on this issue to protect tens of thousands of U.S. jobs and send a message that the United States will enforce its trade deals!


We all lead very busy lives with many priorities—your family, your health, and your job to name a few. The actions of these two countries and their three airlines are a clear threat to your job and to our profession, so we hope you'll make our Call to Action a priority today to safeguard all of our jobs tomorrow.



Hotel Committee Chairman Vacancy



The MEC is seeking a motivated, hardworking individual to serve as the Hotel Committee Chairman to fill an immediate vacancy. Preferred candidates should have excellent contractual knowledge of the sections of the CBA that deal with hotel selection and approval, as well as an innate desire to continue to improve our overnight accommodations.


From the ARW MEC Policy Manual, the Hotel Committee compositions, duties, and responsibilities are as follows:


a.    Composition: The committee shall have a chairman and members appointed by the committee chairman as necessary.


b.    Term of Office: The term of office of the committee chairman shall be concurrent with the term of office of the MEC Chairman.


c.     Scope: Supervise the Sections of the Agreement concerning lodging, meals, and transportation of crews.


d.    Duties and Responsibilities:


                        i.         The chairman and at least one (1) other committee member shall meet with the company at least quarterly or as provided for in the appropriate section of the Agreement,


                      ii.         Meet with the Scheduling Committee as often as they feel is necessary to coordinate their activities.


                     iii.         Maintain hotel evaluation files.


                     iv.         Personally inspect and initially approve facilities for ARW pilots.


                      v.         When possible coordinate with the Fight Attendant group to ensure selections are suitable for both groups.


                     vi.         Maintain a current list of recommended facilities in use showing date recommended and whether or not they provide a safe environment for all crew members.


                   vii.         Submit suggested improvements/changes relating to the pertinent Sections of the Agreement, to the Negotiating Committee one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the amendable date.


If you are interested in volunteering to serve as Hotel Chairman, please contact an MEC officer or your local council status representative no later than Tuesday, December 15.



Professional Standards Fireside Chat

By Greg Killeen, Pro Standards Chairman


As with all of your ARW ALPA committees, Professional Standards is here to support the Air Wisconsin pilots. We are here to help, and even if your particular issue doesn't fall under our purview we will use any and all means (with your permission) to guide you in the right direction.


In some cases, management will cease a disciplinary investigation and pass the issue at hand over to Professional Standards. If Professional Standards can handle the case internally, the Company will agree to not move forward with a Section 19 Investigation and Discipline.


Please be aware that if a Professional Standards volunteer calls you with such a case, he/she represents you, and not the Company. I'm sure everyone would rather have a friendly conversation with an ALPA volunteer and a peer than sit across from a chief pilot in a Section 19 hearing. I should also add that while our primary job as Professional Standards volunteers is to promote the airline pilot profession, we are not the uniform police.


I would like to take the opportunity to address a question and a statement that our committee hears quite often when contacting fellow pilots.


"Am I in trouble?"


No.  Not yet.  Professional Standards is an ARW ALPA committee made up of fellow pilots who are experienced volunteers that help resolve conflicts between crew members and sometimes special cases handed to us by management.  Sometimes management would rather see if Professional Standards can help resolve a pilot-to-pilot conflict or possibly bring to a pilot's attention some actions, or lack thereof, that have popped up on the company's radar.  Trust me; you don't want to be on the company's radar. As stated before, if a Professional Standards volunteer calls you with such a case, please understand that you would much rather work out any of your issues then and there as opposed to doing it in a Section 19 disciplinary hearing.  In such a case, the only information relayed back to management is whether the case was resolved or unresolved.


"I refuse to fly with him/her ever again"


I would like to remind everyone that contacting Professional Standards is not an easy method to avoid flying with someone in the future.  Even with our well-developed working relationship with management, separating pilots on an upcoming trip can be a major undertaking on behalf of the Professional Standards Committee, management, and the SOC.  Our committee is trained and experienced, and one might be surprised how quickly and efficiently we can resolve conflicts.  With that said, safety will always be the deciding factor in a rare case where we feel as if two crew members should not fly together.  However, Professional Stands and management cannot separate crew members forever.  The ultimate goal is to resolve conflicts and to help develop professional working relationships among crew members when these conflicts arise.


Thank you, ARW pilots, for you professionalism.



Uniform Committee

By Dan Shtarker, Uniform Committee Chairman


As we begin to wrap up the year, take a moment to look at your uniform pieces and evaluate what you may want to replace before the end of the year. The approved items for reimbursement are listed on page 7-18 of the FOM, which states “Air Wisconsin will reimburse the following uniform pieces purchased through an approved uniform vendor: overcoat, blue uniform jacket, shirt, pants, tie, hat, epaulets, stripes, and alterations. Outer Marker Crew Shop is not an approved vendor.”


On Jan. 1, the Company will credit $260 to your uniform bank. However, section 18.C.4 states that the maximum accrual in a pilot’s uniform bank shall not exceed 2 years’ full accrual. This means that if you have a uniform bank that has a balance of $520 (2 years of accrual) there will be no money credited to your account. If you have a balance lower than $520, your uniform bank balance will be brought up to the 2-year accrual or the maximum amount per year of $260, whichever comes first. If you want to take full advantage of the yearly credit, your balance needs to be below $260, and all expenses need to be submitted by Dec. 31, 2014.


If you choose to allocate funds for direct bill to one of our three approved vendors you must do so by Dec. 31, 2014. Checking your current balance and allocating funds can be done directly through CCS. Follow these steps to check uniform bank balance CCS > Pilot Forms > Pilot Uniform Bank. Current balance will be displayed on the right hand side. If you decide to allocate funds to one of the approved vendors you will need to do the following: CCS > Pilot Forms > Pilot Uniform Bank Allocation > Click on any name you see > Pilot Uniform Direct Bill Vendor Election window will open. Follow the steps and click submit.


If you have any questions on direct bill or how to submit expenses on the Air Wisconsin T&E system, or any other related questions; please contact me at 732-646-1823 or



Important Information in re “Two Days off Prior to Long-Term Training”

By ARW Scheduling Committee


Section 11.10.B.2


Long term training:


A pilot will be released from all duty for the two (2) calendar days immediately preceding the day the pilot is scheduled to report for a long-term training event, provided the pilot notifies the company of his intention at the time he bids or at the time he is advised that he is scheduled for training, whichever comes later.


Since ground school and CPT training do not run together, ground school is not considered long term training, however if you want two days off prior to CPT, you will need to email Margo Berg at or Cheryl Copeland at


Also a pilot will be permitted to bid for the following month’s schedule after training as long as he or she is projected to complete a proficiency check on or before the 10th of that month.


A pilot who finishes his or her proficiency check after the 10th of the month will not be permitted to bid for the following bid period. Upon completion of the pilot’s IOE, a line will be constructed for the remainder of that bid period.



Non-Rev Gate Check In For Agents



Included below is some helpful text you may wish to use when setting up non-rev check-in on American and American Eagle flights.


Attention American Airlines Agent:


The traveler(s) is an employee (and/or eligible family member) of an AA regional airline and eligible for personal travel on American Airlines and American Eagle flights at priority AAC. In Native Sabre, check in using the entry:  G-0-SMITH#AAC*SC/BT/…


In Qik over Sabre, use normal check-in keys, when prompted for a priority code, select or type in: AAC


Please refer to Customer Planning Advisory bulletin APS15065 in Webref and in Sabre at N*APS15065 for details regarding order of accommodation for American’s regional partners.



AWAC Departure Checklist



As opportunities for flying jobs continue to multiply throughout the industry, pilots should begin to familiarize themselves with appropriate Air Wisconsin departure procedures in order to ensure a smooth transition out of employment here and into employment at another company.


Key:  PR:  Pilot Resigning


PR:  “Departure checklist please.”



Two Weeks’ Notice...............................      SUBMIT

Crew Badge........................................       TURN IN

Jeppesen Manuals................................     TURN IN

Company Manuals................................     TURN IN

SIDA Badge.........................................      AS REQ

Parking Pass / Reimbursement...............     AS REQ

401(k)................................................      ROLLOVER


Expanded Procedures

Submit your resignation notice to the company through your local regional chief pilot / domicile manager, or the company chief pilot via email and ensure you retain a copy of the email as well as the response from the company confirming receipt of the notice.


Your resignation letter may be as simple as: Please accept this as notice of resignation from Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation with a final day of employment on xxday, xxmonth, xxyearBe sure to include your name, employee number, and contact information.


Also, be certain to provide a reasonable last day to the company to ensure you do not get tangled up in any issues departing AWAC.  Talk to your local manager about setting up an appropriate last day or contact your local ALPA representative to discuss.


EXAMPLE: PR is hired at Endeavor Air (PCL) with a new hire class date on a Monday.  It is recommended that the PR should submit last day of employment with AWAC no later than the Saturday prior.


After you submit your resignation notice, you will generally receive a letter via email from the company’s Human Resources (HR) department with a list of items to be returned to the company.  However, you should not wait for this letter to arrive before you continue with the Departure Checklist. 


The letter from HR will look something like this:


Please see the attached list of items to return, this is also to be used as your packing list for all returned items. Parking passes issued to you must be returned to your Domicile Admin on your last day of work.


It’s preferable that you send your items back to Appleton (manuals and AWAC ID badge). The method is up to you but for your protection, when mailing items back to Air Wisconsin, tape IDs, parking tags, etc. to the front of a manual, and use a method that issues confirmation that we have received the items. In the past there have been several boxes that arrived in Appleton split open and items were missing. You will not be reimbursed for items that do not make it to us.


Include all the manual contents, especially the Jeppesen pages and all revisions.


Mail anything not already returned to a domicile manager to the address below:    

Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp.

Attn: Lindsay Diamond/FLT

W6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 203

Appleton, WI 54914-9120


Please refer to the attached AWAC Separation Kit for a complete list of items.


Note: You are not required to mail materials back to the company; however, if you choose to mail materials back to the company you will not be reimbursed for this expense.  Consider saving the money and ensuring a positive handover with a local manager at your domicile.


The primary items to be returned to the company (through your local domicile manager’s office or mailed to the company) include: crew badge, Jeppesen manuals and charts, Flight Crew Manual 1 & 2, Flight Operations Manual, any other training manuals you may have been issued such as the CL-65 lights and switches guide, and company-issued parking passes.


You do not need to return uniform pieces, uniform brass*, or Known Crewmember (KCM) card.


*Note: Probationary pilots who leave the company prior to the completion of their first year are obligated to return uniform brass, i.e. cap pin and wings (CBA 18.B.3.).


Sick Bank

Any unused sick bank accrual will not be distributed to you as a cash payout.


Vacation Bank

Although the sick bank is a use-it-or-lose-it benefit, vacation will be paid out to a pilot (including a probationary pilot) who gives the company fourteen (14) days’ notice of resignation and will be paid for all unused earned and accrued vacation. However, a pilot who provides the company with less than fourteen (14) days’ notice will only be paid for all unused earned vacation (CBA 7.C.2.a-b.).


Note: Vacation pay out is subject to all applicable taxes and withholding.


Uniform Bank

Your uniform bank is also a use-it-or-lose-it benefit, so make sure you are keeping your AWAC uniform items updated and in good repair up to your last day on the job for AWAC.  Also, because the AWAC uniform bank is for AWAC uniforms, make sure you adhere to the following, which resulted from a grievance settlement with the company a few years ago, and submit uniform expenses for reimbursement accordingly:


1.    PR must submit expense report through Company’s T&E Concur system fourteen (14) days or more prior to resignation in order to use the company direct bill pay option.


2.    PR to submit expense report thirty (30) days or more prior to resignation in order to use non-direct bill (receipt provided) option.


If you are inside of these applicable timelines reimbursement may be denied.



After your final AWAC paycheck, your 401(k) will be effectively frozen by T. Rowe Price and you will need to contact them to determine what options might work best for you going forward including any rollover options that might be available to you through your future employer’s retirement plans.


Note:  If you have any 401(k) loans, there is no mechanism to continue paying on them and you will either need to make direct arrangements with TRP to pay off the loan, or go in to loan repayment default in the quarter following the month in which the final payroll deduction is made – and be exposed to what may be a large IRS tax penalty and fine.


Final Pay Check 

Recall that pilot pay is set up to pay half the monthly guarantee on the 15th of the month (including previous month overage), and the remainder of that month’s guarantee on the 30th of the month.  For example, a January 15 check will pay half the month’s guarantee (37.5 hours) for January 1-15, plus any overage and per diem earned from all of December.  The January 30 paycheck will pay the other half of January’s monthly guarantee of 37.5 hours, for a total of 75 hours per the collective bargaining agreement.  The date of your last paycheck will depend on your last day with AWAC.  This last paycheck will generally include your vacation payout and any other reimbursements due.


Parking Reimbursement

Although reimbursement for this item is typically only processed and refunded after December 1 of the year in which out of domicile employee parking has been exercised, when you resign from the company submit for this reimbursement with appropriate documentation as soon as possible through AWAC’s T&E Concur system.  It will be included in either a final pay check or a separate disbursement to your direct deposit account.



Make sure you leave a forwarding address, email and or phone number in order for documents or other items and company notices to be forwarded including any announcements or awards regarding ARW MEC grievances or arbitrations to you after your employment at AWAC comes to an end.


You may or may not be asked to complete an exit interview.  You are under no obligation to complete this survey; it is entirely up to you.


If you are transitioning to another ALPA carrier, you will reenroll with ALPA Membership during new hire pilot indoctrination.  Initially, you will be on probation and will not pay ALPA dues for the first year.  Your current ALPA member number will be reactivated and the benefits of ALPA membership will be immediately available to you at your new carrier.


Company Travel Privileges, Other Services & Benefits

Expect company email, myairwis including CSS and US WINGS, and CASS access to be turned off the day following your designated last day of employment.


Note: Company travel privileges are not available for employees who separate from the company.  Any active reduced rate tickets on other airlines that are still active, should be turned in to ensure that you receive a proper refund.  Use of these tickets after the effective date of your termination is strictly prohibited and may subject you to the full coach fare, in addition to legal action or fines as mandated by company policy and federal authorities.


See attached summary list of benefits for separating employees.


Before You Go (Pre-Departure Checklist)


PRIA – you may contact Mark Raymond ( to review your PRIA record.

Personnel File – you may contact AWAC HR to review your personnel file over the phone or make an appointment to review in person if desired.


Lastly, if something happens with your intended future employer such as adjustment up or down or start / class date, if desired you should contact your local manager as soon as possible and request delaying or withdrawing your resignation.


Should you have any questions that you are unable to resolve with your local domicile manager first, contact your local ALPA representative for additional assistance.



CIC Committee: DCA December Events

By Robbie Fogelsanger, CIC Chairman


DCA pilots and families, your Community Involvement Committee has two events for you this Holiday season.


On December 12 Arlington National Cemetery will be hosting Wreaths Across America. This special occasion provides free wreaths to the public to distribute among the graves, memorials and monuments inside the cemetery. Come join us as we give our fallen veterans some holiday cheer.


Click here for more info:


Also in December, Pilots for Kids will be holding several hospital visiting events in the DC area. Pilots visit sick children in uniform and spend time with them and their families. The locations this year include hospitals in Leesburg, Winchester, Falls Church and Georgetown. Visit for more info.


For questions or more info, please feel free to contact Matthew Inkel at or 703-200-6111.


We look forward to seeing you, and Happy Holidays.



Upcoming Dates

2015 Dates


Dec. 12

CIC Event: Wreath-Laying at Arlington Cemetery, DCA

Dec. 17

District Advocacy Training Webinar