November 15, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


Training Deadhead Issues

By Thorne Saylor, MEC Vice Chairman




It has come to our attention that there have been instances recently where the Company has failed to provide the contractually-required positive space travel between a domicile and a training event (both to and from.) Please remember that deadheading to training or any other assignment is part of your duty day. You are not required to occupy the cockpit jumpseat, and if you are asked to do so, please notify your ALPA Representative. Please reference paragraphs 8C and 8F on page 8.1 and 8.2 of the current CBA for current language for further information.


If the Company compels a pilot to occupy a jumpseat, the operating Captain still has the final authority over whether or not the jumpseat is occupied. If the Captain does not authorize you sitting in the cockpit, you cannot do so.


In any case, we ask both deadheaders and Captains to please help us by reporting any and all instances (or even requests) of cockpit jumpseating for work to your local ALPA representative so that we can ensure that our contract is followed.



New ME3 Call to Action: Tell the President of the United States to Take Action

By Jeffrey Woodham, Legislative Affairs Chairman


Fellow ARW Pilots,


Today, your participation is needed to move the President of the United States to action. Our ask to the U.S. government is simple: Enforce our Open Skies agreements. The agreements the United States signed with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates specifically prohibit the kind of unchecked, anti-competitive behavior that is occurring right now. Let the President know that he must take action on this issue to protect tens of thousands of U.S. jobs and send a message that the United States will enforce its trade agreements!


The heavily subsidized airlines of the Middle East, Emirates; Etihad; and Qatar (the ME3); are taking delivery of hundreds of new wide-body aircraft purchased with more than $40 billion worth of subsidies and other unfair benefits from their governments. Those new aircraft are aimed directly at the most lucrative commercial aviation markets in the world, Europe and the United States.


Our international routes and the domestic feed that supports them are under threat right now from ME3. This is not a problem for the future of the profession. The problem is here today, and without your action … it is here to stay! We cannot afford to lose this fight.  Do not under-estimate the power of thousands of professional pilots calling on the White House to take necessary action. If you have not already done so, please join us in making today’s Call to Action a priority to safeguard our jobs both today, and tomorrow.



Become A District Advocate!!

By Government Affairs


Currently we have eight active District Advocates (DA) here at ARW. A District Advocate is a pilot volunteer who is trained and tasked to deliver pilot partisan messages to his/her Member of Congress in order to effect positive change and create a stronger pilot - constituent connection with federal elected leaders.


If you are a new legislative coordinator, or would like to learn more about ALPA’s legislative initiatives, or would like to work with pilots in your local area, please check out the website or RSVP to Vanessa Kermick via email to participate in the upcoming District Advocacy Training Webinar/Teleconference  on November 24th and December 17th both at 3pm EST led by Vanessa Kermick, Grassroots Coordinator in ALPA’s Government Affairs office. The training is conducted via online webinar, but you can also listen on the phone if you do not have access to a computer at the scheduled time.


DA’s are critical to putting a constituent face to our legislative priorities. Please consider partaking in the training webinar and becoming a part of this important team.



Hotel Committee Chairman Vacancy

By Graham Hoff-Downing, MEC Secretary-Treasurer


Brian Milburn was appointed the interim Hotel Committee Chairman at the October MEC meeting. If you have any hotel concerns, please direct them to Brian at (386) 235-5662 or at As per the ARW Policy Manual, the MEC will elect a new chairman for the Hotel Committee at its next regular or special MEC meeting. The next regular meeting will be held in March, but it’s possible that a special meeting will be held in the interim.


The Hotel Committee’s duties include conducting site inspections of hotels, ensuring hotel standards are met, monitoring day-to-day operations with corporate travel in securing new hotels, and resolving hotel complaints. The structure of the committee is currently one pilot member who also serves as the chairman; however, we also work closely with the AFA Hotel Committee chairman.


If you have any questions about the position, do not hesitate to contact Brian Milburn.


If you are interested in being considered for this position, please contact the ARW MEC at You should reach out to them, not only by email, but also individually by phone, expressing your interest in the position. Be prepared to answer the MEC’s questions regarding your interest.


Thank you for considering this volunteer position.



A Message From The ALPA National Pilots for Pilots (P4P) Committee: How You Can Use Your Amazon Purchases To Make A Difference In The Pilot Community


The ALPA Emergency Relief Fund, or Pilots for Pilots (P4P), recently introduced a new way for ALPA families to support this important member resource. In the October 28 ALPA FastRead, we announced that when shopping with online retailer, consumers can alternatively use AmazonSmile. By registering the “ALPA Emergency Relief Fund” among the available charities, AmazonSmile will then donate .5 percent of the purchase price to P4P.


Purchasing with AmazonSmile is a great way to help P4P, and shoppers get the same prices, selection, and service they receive with We particularly want pilots and their families to keep this special arrangement in mind when taking advantage of the holiday sales on “Cyber Monday” (November 30).


We appreciate your recent support for the successful “Give Me Five” campaign. For more information about P4P, visit Remember that we’re all just a catastrophic event away from needing P4P, so please help us help your members. Thank you.




F/O Mark Segaloff

P4P President


F/O Christine Gromek

P4P Treasurer


Capt. Barry Nomann

P4P Secretary



UAS Near-Mid Air Collision Reporting

By Central Air Safety Committee


Your Central Air Safety Committee would like to call your attention to the following webpage:  There, it states the following:


Have You Had a Close Encounter of the UAS Kind?  There has been an apparent increase in UAS/RPA sightings by flight crews of airline aircraft while on approach to a number of airports. Unfortunately, it is difficult for local authorities or FAA to follow up on these reports without specific information about the sighting. Further, it is important for FAA and industry to be able to track the occurrences by location to determine whether the trend in sightings is increasing or decreasing over time.


In order to help in the follow-up following a sighting, we suggest that pilots who experience a sighting file both an ASAP (if applicable) and a Near Mid Air Collision (NMAC) report. A NMAC filing triggers an investigation by the FAA. In addition, the FAA retains and tracks NMAC reports filed by facility, so these reports enable the FAA to monitor NMAC frequency. Without more safety data from pilot reports, the scope of the problem will take longer to address.


Reporting a near midair collision is as simple as talking with air traffic control and stating that you have experienced a NMAC.


The pilot should clearly state to ATC “I wish to report a near midair collision.” Please refer to AIM 7-6-3 for guidance, and make the report as soon as possible. Your report can provide critical data to make the national airspace system safer for all of us.


What Do I Need to Know About NMACs and How to File a Report? AIM, 7−6−3. Near Midair Collision Reporting


Where to File Reports

Pilots and/or flight crew members involved in NMAC occurrences are urged to report each incident immediately:

1.    By radio or telephone to the nearest FAA ATC facility or FSS.

2.    Reporting to FAA NMAC website - See more at:



Committee Activity for September 2015

By Graham Hoff-Downing, MEC Secretary-Treasurer


This article provides you with an overview of our committees, building on updates from past MEC communications, including Facebook and other media. Our ARW ALPA volunteers do an incredible amount of “heavy lifting” for our pilot group, ALPA, the MEC, and Air Wisconsin (that’s right, we’re trying to help Air Wisconsin become a better company).


While it’s important for you to know about the work that’s being done, it’s equally important for you to understand the role each committee has in helping the MEC fulfill its mission. This is a summary of the work of your fellow line pilot ALPA volunteers.


Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback reports that five Pilots are out on STD and the STD Bank is $65,000. The STD Bank will be turned off for the remainder of the year, as required by 27.G.10.a. of the CBA.


Negotiating Chairman Mark Lockwood was busy with post-TA activities last month, including publishing two X-Rays, recording a podcast, participating in an all-pilot call, attending the October MEC meeting, and, most importantly, beginning survey development. The committee wants to stress the importance of taking the negotiations survey. Without a huge majority taking the survey, the committee is rendered rudderless when deciding the goals of bargaining. The survey closes after the end of November 20th. If they cannot garner enough of a pilot turnout, the survey process will need to be started over, further delaying bargaining. Ideally, the committee wants at least the 85% of the TA vote participants to cast their opinions, so the committee can make educated, measured decisions moving forward.


Scheduling Chairman Abdullah Bawagad and the rest of the Scheduling Committee received phone calls, emails, and text messages regarding “single day off” issues. According to section 25.E.3 of the CBA,


“No bid line will contain a single day off, except for the first and last days of the bid period, i.e., in a thirty (30) day bid period, the first (1st) and/or the thirtieth (30th) may be published as a single day off.”


There is another situation where you may see a single day off; the scenario where there is a training schedule conflict. The “no bid line will have a single day off” provision applies during the construction and initial bidding of the lines. There is no language in the contract that prevents the company from adjusting a line to have a single day off on the FINAL award due to a training conflict. Please plan accordingly when you have training and know the chance of a single day off is possible.


Communications Chairman Ken Reinert is experiencing a post-TA vote lull. He worked on typical Communications Chair duties for the month (email accounts, directory changes, etc.). He is hoping to use the respite in activity to get the Communications Policy Manual updated, review the new ARW ALPA website (put on hold with the TA activities), and to get the other members of the committee up to speed.


Chairman of the ASAP committee, Chris Fuson wanted to remind everyone that we are approaching that time of the year when de-icing is a necessity and to submit report(s) for any issues regarding de-icing. There will be members from the company watching over the de-icing process this year in order to help prevent major issues. It is also that time of the year when we have abnormally high and low altimeter settings, so make sure you double check that you have the proper setting. 


Ron Stocki is the Chairman of the FOQA Committee. The committee continued the validation of the ACARS database cube last month. Ron reports that it looks promising that IT has developed a product that meets their needs. A few issues have been identified and will be addressed with IT during the next FMT trip to Appleton, planned for late November.


The committee is also continued working on the FOQA LOA. The company returned proposed LOA with a few minor changes. The changes were reviewed and approved by FOQA committee and sent to ALPA legal for final review.


Moreover, a FMT Conference call was held 10/19. Gregg Syring, Ron Stocki, Christine Carnie, Mark Raymond, and Morgan Scribner were all participants on the conference call. The FMT discussed some events found in the data, including a recent uptick in high-energy approaches, which will be addressed in the next IBT.


The Critical Incident Response Committee has been focusing on sending new committee member Jarrett Heiting to training. Training is scheduled for November. In addition, CIRP has been continually analyzing pilot reports and making crew contact when necessary. As always, CIRP, and its Chairman Aric Newstead, are standing by for worst-case scenarios. Recently, where part of a company-planned simulated aircraft crash, where they had the opportunity constructively critique performance. Overall, the committee reports that they would be ready with someone on the phone within minutes and could get someone on scene within 14 hours. 


According to Chairman Ken Nesbitt, the Grievance Committee received an unusually high number of issue forms for the month, with some submitted to the company and others still pending investigation. The ROC hotel grievance is still open and they are in the process of vetting new hotels. No other grievances have been closed for the month.


While the committee certainly encourages people to stay up to date on their issue, they would like to reemphasize that the grievance process is not generally a quick one. In addition to the internal research that goes in to everyone’s issue, it also gets submitted to the Company and they have 20 days for the initial response. After that, it becomes a back and forth and requires several discussions on the issue and, a lot of times, requires a face-to-face meeting that happens approximately quarterly. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact a member of the committee.


Grievance Committee Member Dave Anderson is chiefly responsible for the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Dave regarding your issue form, please make his job easier by calling back or responding to the e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process, during which the issue form filer needs to be actively engaged.


Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section. Please be patient with the Grievance Committee as they work through your issues and attempt to get you made whole.  This issues form and grievance path is unfortunately not a timely process, and if you do have questions about an outstanding issue you filed with committee, please email them with your issue number, date you submitted, and/or topic of your issue in the email so they can reference it in a timely manner.


ARW Hotel Committee Chairman Brian Milburn reports that there are two markets that have contracts expiring. Those are RDU and CAE. They will be doing site inspections of both of those sites next week. Brian requested to the company that we do a market study in ROC. That request was granted after a conference call earlier this week and he will be doing hotel site inspections next week. He also requested that we do a market study for GSO. That hotel has accumulated numerous complaint forms with little to no resolution. 


The Hotel Committee needs your assistance in reporting issues on your overnight. Brian urges everyone to fill out hotel feedback reports, as he needs to have these reports to be able to present to the company. The company takes every form that you submit directly to the general manager of that hotel to get a resolution. It is much easier for the hotel committee to request a change if they have your feedback. Conversely, the feedback forms don't always have to be negative. Tell the committee when you like a hotel. All of these contracts will be coming up for renewal at some point.


Lastly, PLEASE take cabs when you reach 30 minutes past block in. It is unfortunate that crews are forfeiting valuable rest time standing and waiting at the curb because the hotel says they are “on the way” or “close.” It is not your obligation to wait even if the van is a few minutes away. Get the cab and get your rest.


Chairman of Professional Standards Greg Killeen submits that it was a quiet month for the committee, with a mere two cases, both resolved with successful outcomes. Greg is also pleased to report that over the past several months the committee has developed a positive relationship with management. The assistant chief pilots have been utilizing Pro Standards in good spirits to handle pilot issues.


Jumpseat Committee Chairman Nick Chichester worked on some pressing issues in October. The committee is working to rectify the ability to use Mesa jumpseats on United Express flights. As soon as the problem is resolved, expect a communication from the committee. Moreover, they are gathering information from American on what changes are coming, both on the mainline and regional operations.


In addition, the Committee is gathering information from the pilot group as to any procedures concerning security or jumpseating with the switch over to American. If these procedures differ from what are in our FOM, FCM, or SSI booklet, please contact the Committee and the company so these procedures can be corrected.


Recently, AWAC pilots faced problems listing on Delta jumpseats. The Delta gate agents were unable to view CASS pictures and it was determined that the agent needed to minimize the "SNAP" program. Delta runs this program on the gate computers and occasionally, it needs to be minimized in order to see the pilot's CASS picture.


With all the jumpseat changes taking place throughout the system, if at all possible, make the walk. In other words, the committee requests that you go up to the gate area to ensure no pilot is left behind.


The Community Involvement Committee Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger cites that the month of October was filled with planning and transition. In Norfolk, CIC entered into a commitment with the Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Adopt-A-Trail program. The first cleanup is scheduled in November. In DC, the CIC set up a recurring volunteer event with the Manna Food Bank. For more information, contact a member of the committee and look out for communications about future events.


Legislative Affairs Chairman Jeffrey Woodham and the rest of the committee want to remind pilots to take a few short minutes of the day to participate in ALPA Calls to Action (C2A). There are currently several actionable C2As, ranging from the unfair ME3 (Middle-East 3) subsidies, to prevention of the rollback of pilot training and safety regulations. Since the last Pay Day Hotline, Air Wisconsin has risen to 2nd place at ALPA, in terms of percentage of participation in C2As. See below for the lineup of the top four ALPA contributors. Keep up the great grassroots work!











Membership Committee Chairman Matt Dugan reports that it’s business as usual, with Charlie Mader visiting a few ground schools last month. He also fielded several emails from pilots updating contact information. As always please help Matt in welcoming our new brothers and sisters to the Air Wisconsin/ALPA family in any way that you are able.


The new Pilot Assistance Committee Chairman Ricky Vetick has been appointed per the ARW Policy Manual as acting Chairman and is taking over for Aaron Fry. Ricky attended Mercer County Community College in New Jersey, where he completed his flight training and then went on to get his Bachelor's degree at Thomas Edison State College. He met his future wife Judy at Mercer County College and worked to build his flight hours through instructing. He started working for Air Wisconsin in December 2011. Oddly enough, his girlfriend of two years (now his wife) happened to be hired in the same class. Since they are close in age, they were paired as simulator partners. 


Aaron Fry recruited Ricky as a peer monitor for HIMS program nearly three years ago. Ricky believes that ALPA's willingness to help and support their pilots with various mental diseases and illness is tremendous. He has familial experience with the struggle of substance abuse and understands that Pilot Assistance can be of great benefit for his peers in need of help. Ricky is honored to be a part of this healing process and thankful to work with those in ALPA to assist those struggling with life’s many challenges.


The official election will be held at the next regular or special MEC meeting. In the meantime, please contact Ricky with any of your Pilot Assistance concerns. You can reach Ricky at (609) 235-7645 or


Matthew Chadwick is the Chairman of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee. Last month, Matt handled one phone call to coordinate military leave with trip drops. The company resolved the issue amicably and agreed to give the pilot positive space travel to and from his domicile from his trips so he could fulfill his service obligations. Please contact Matthew with any of your veteran-related concerns.



August 2015 Resignations

By ARW Membership Committee


Emp.        Name            Resign Date

943        Ric             Jensen              10/17/15

9739       Jeffrey        Pruett               10/12/15

14263     Travis         Edminster          10/15/15

14423     Joseph       Jackson             10/19/15

17874     David         King                  10/18/15

17894     Jason         Bryant               10/11/15

17915     Todd          Mullen               10/23/15

18372     Micah         Hannigan          10/3/15

21672     Michael       Rutolo               10/23/15

22026     Nicholas      Birnbaum          10/9/15

22521     Daniel        Cardona            10/31/15

23810     Mark          Martin               10/18/15

25414     Anthony      Curran              10/18/15

25487     Karen         Reilly                10/28/15

26074     Scott          Hemelstrand      10/14/15

26375     John           Rex                  10/26/15

26451     Richard       Carmichael        10/5/15

26459     David         Murray              10/10/15

26499     Joshua       Peterson           10/20/15

26503     Melissa       Jones                10/26/15



Upcoming Dates

2015 Dates


Nov. 18

ORF PUB event, Keegan’s Irish Pub, VA Beach

Nov. 24

District Advocacy Training Webinar

Dec. 17

District Advocacy Training Webinar