August 30, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


Get and Stay Informed About the Facts of the TA

By ARW MEC and Negotiating Committee


On August 18th, 2015 the MEC unanimously voted to approve the Executive Summary and Bullet Points of the Tentative Agreement (TA) presented by the Negotiating Committee, and further authorized the formation of a writing committee to develop full contract language. The MEC will vote on whether to send the full contract to the pilots for ratification on September 9th, 2015. The Executive Summary and Bullet Points are available at where you can also find answers to FAQs about the contract.


Since we created the email address, we have seen a continuing stream of questions coming in regarding the TA – more than we can answer individually. Since many of the questions we’ve received so far deal with similar or identical issues we have paraphrased them in some cases, compiled them into question threads and added them to the webpage. Your MEC and Negotiating Committee will post new FAQs regularly based on the emails that we receive.



ARW ALPA Directory



Attached to each Pay Day Hotline is an updated ARW Directory that provides contact information for everyone in our volunteer structure. Please print and carry with you or download to your phone so that this information is available to you or your fellow crew member when needed.



Repeal the Excise Tax on Employer-Provided Health-Care Benefits

By Jeffrey Woodham, Legislative Affairs Chairman


An onerous excise tax on employer-provided health care plans will take effect on January 1, 2018 if we fail to change the existing law.  Under the current law, a 40% tax will be levied on every dollar of total premiums paid above $10,200 for individual health plans and $27,500 for family plans. ALPA continues our strong opposition to the excise tax on employer provided health benefits because our pilots deserve affordable, comprehensive benefits that they can depend on. Representative Joe Courtney (D-CT) and Representative Frank Guinta (R-NH) have introduced bills to fully repeal the excise tax. ALPA is working with them and others in Congress in a bi-partisan effort to fully repeal this atrocious tax. Now is the time to let Congress know that health care taxes are not the answer to our budget woes.


Please contact your representative and ask him or her to consider co-sponsoring H.R. 2050, The Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act or H.R. 879, Ax the Tax on Middle Class Americans’ Health Plans Act.  Congress needs to hear from you on why these bills are a common sense, bi-partisan approach to addressing the excise tax. The excise tax will impact approximately 21,425 pilots (40% of our membership) as soon as 2018 and by 2022, every ALPA member will be subject to this overreaching tax.


The original intent of the excise tax before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law was to affect some employer-sponsored healthcare plans that are viewed as luxury, called “Cadillac” plans. In actuality, this tax is much further reaching. On paper the excise tax is charged to the employer, but the reality is it will be passed down to the individual in the form of higher premiums and/or lower benefits. Many employers are already preparing for the tax by increasing employees’ share of premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. ALPA members should tell Congress that healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury.


Economists and actuaries from a wide array of backgrounds have published research proving that this tax will diminish healthcare coverage and force more people into public health insurance exchanges. At ALPA we are already seeing the effects of the excise tax at the bargaining table and we need to take action now.


Keep up the fight in protecting your healthcare benefits by participating in our call-to-action today!



Final 2015 Interview Workshops

By Captain Paul Ryder, ALPA National Resource Coordinator


I would like to announce the final ALPA Application and Interview Workshops for 2015. The FFDC will be sponsoring two interview workshops on September 10th and 11th in Charlotte, NC (CLT). 


These workshops are designed exclusively for ALPA members interested in interviewing with mainline carriers. Workshops consist of a full-day program of presentations from experts at Cage Marshall Consulting, including an overview of the hiring process, tips on completing the application properly, background checks, resumes and cover letters, networking, interview questions, areas of concern, mock interviews and common mistakes.


To participate in these events, all pilots need to submit a career progression profile and check ALPA’s Fee-for-Departure Committee webpage regularly for new information and events. By providing information about your qualifications and career progression goals, the Fee-for-Departure Committee can identify needs and focus resources to best serve our FFD pilots in their search for advancement opportunities. The pilots wishing to participate in future ALPA career-progression offerings such as open houses, career webinars, and other career-building programs must fill out the profile.



Take Action! New P4P Challenge Ends tomorrow



Many ALPA members have already donated to Pilots for Pilots (P4P) as part of this summer's "Give Me Five" campaign. If you haven’t contributed yet, there’s a new challenge that will double your giving power.


Recently an ALPA pilot who wishes to remain anonymous indicated that he will match new donations, dollar-for-dollar, if P4P can raise at least $5,000 between now and August 31. Our generous benefactor indicates that this last-minute offer is good for new contributions up to $10,000, but you have to make a donation soon. The campaign ends in two weeks.


Please visit and chip in at least $5. Remember that P4P provides ALPA pilots and their families with financial grants for the immediate, extraordinary expenses generated by widespread disasters. Visit the website to learn more. Membership



Late last year the ARW MEC partnered with to offer all ARW pilots on property and future new-hire pilots a FREE 2-year Basic Membership to provide job-hunting and career decision assistance. The MEC would like to remind all ARW pilots you are still eligible for the free membership. Take advantage of this ALPA sponsored benefit to start planning for your future.


Go to to register for FREE membership. You will need to use a credit card to complete the registration, but the card WILL NOT be charged.


Benefits of membership include:


·       Discount on all Job Fair registration fees as well as priority registration

·       Member only pricing on Premier Membership featuring pilot interview preparation

·       Unlimited access to our Members' Content area with pilot job market information.



Protect Your Future, Today. Back the PAC!

By Jeffrey Woodham, Legislative Affairs Chairman


“Are you a PAC contributor?” or “Do you back the PAC?”


If you’ve flown with or talked to or even just only come into contact with Jeffrey Pruett (or Matt Chadwick or Jeffrey Woodham or…well the list goes on), you’ve most likely heard one of these questions.  One question you might have thought is, “What is ALPA-PAC?”


ALPA-PAC is your political voice in Washington, DC and across the country.  It is funded entirely by voluntary ALPA member contributions, which are used to build pilot-partisan majorities in the House and Senate and educate decision makers in Washington on issues that affect your career and your future.  It is the most bipartisan labor PAC in the country, supporting candidates on both sides of the aisle.  Party and ideology are irrelevant to an individual’s support for pilot-partisan causes.


Another question you might have is “Who decides which campaigns receive contributions?”  The PAC is directed by a nine-member Steering Committee consisting of ALPA’s President, who chairs the committee, First Vice President, and seven other ALPA members who are appointed by the PAC Chairman and approved by the ALPA Executive Council.  We have our very own Captain Matt Chadwick as a member of this Steering Committee!  Candidates who receive contributions do so only after demonstrating a commitment to pilots and a careful review of their voting record and public statements.  A list of supported candidates is published regularly and can be found on the ALPA-PAC website at


Pilots work in one of the most regulated industries in the country, and we need to have our voices heard in Washington and be able to win on issues that are important to pilots and the profession.  ALPA-PAC is the most effective tool we have to build the relations we need to accomplish this.  The PAC’s efforts have been instrumental in securing ALPA victories such as FAR 117, which overhauled rest rules for the first time in 50 years; fully funding the FFDO program; and averted the sequester for the FAA, to name a few.


However, our industry continues to be threatened by Flag-of-Convenience schemes and unfair competition on an uneven playing field from state-owned airlines, such as the Gulf carriers.  Congressional reauthorization of the FAA bill is critical to promoting and advancing the highest safety standards in aviation and ensuring that FAA operations continue uninterrupted.  We must work to ensure that lawmakers and the industry understand there is no "pilot shortage." You know that rock-bottom starting pay and benefits, as well as little opportunity for career advancement, create major hurdles to attracting new pilots to the profession.  Yet, hundreds of qualified pilots are furloughed or choose to work in other industries, making it clear there is no pilot shortage but a pilot pay shortage.  These are just a few of the issues that your invaluable PAC contributions work to address!


In 2014, Air Wisconsin pilots became members of ALPA's Key Men Society, recognizing our pilot group for attaining at least 24% participation rate in ALPA-PAC.  The only two pilot groups with higher participation rates than Air Wisconsin were Mesa and Delta.  With your help we can make 2015 an even greater success! Below are thermometers that give the PAC contribution percentages for Council 49 (DCA), Council 50 (ORF, LGA), Council 51 (PHL), as well as our total percentage for Air Wisconsin, and total for Mesa. Can anybody pick out what looks really odd about the thermometers?


You can learn more about ALPA’s Advocacy efforts and contribute to the PAC here:



Make Your Reservation Today!


Second Annual Jonathan D. McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament Sept. 10 in VA Beach

By Reed Donoghue, ARW Council 50 Vice-Chairman


Join your Council 50 Officers, MEC Officers, coworkers and members of Air Wisconsin management at the Second Annual Jonathan D. McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament.


When: Thursday September 10th (Check in: 12:00 PM; Tee Off: 12:30 PM)


Where: The Honey Bee Golf Club, Virginia Beach, VA


Cost: $55 (Included: 18 holes greens fees, cart fees, post-tournament ceremony, and donation.)


Format: The tournament will be a four-man ‘Scramble.’ This will allow players of all levels to participate and have an enjoyable outing.


Who can play: Anyone looking to have a good time while raising money for a worthy cause.


Prizes and Contests: Just like last year, there will be contests on and off the course, and prizes for the leaders.


Non-Golfers: If you don’t play golf you are welcome to volunteer at the tournament. Volunteers played an important role in making last year’s tournament a success.


Reservation: Please email and write ‘McAbee Memorial Golf’ in the subject to reserve your spot. Please include your name, email address and phone number and note whether you will be paying by check or cash. Space is limited and spots will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.


Checks:  Please make checks payable to ALPA.


Deadline for Entry and Payment: Please make your reservation by August 30th.


You can donate to the Jonathan McAbee Memorial Scholarship fund at any time by going to the following address:



Upcoming Dates

2015 Dates


September 8-9

MEC Meeting for CBA Review, TBD

September 10

Ratification voting opens (tentative)

September 10

McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament, VA Beach

September 30

Ratification voting closes (tentative)

October 9-17

MEC Regular Meeting, Chicago

October 21-22

Executive Board Meeting