August 15, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


CASC Update

By Dan Lehenbauer, Central Air Safety Committee Chairman


July was a busy month for the Central Air Safety Committee. I met with Chris White, the Company Managing Director of Safety, at the hangar in Milwaukee. We get together about once a month on average to discuss topics relevant to safety and to review any safety data that may be looked at by the company in accordance with section 26.Q of the contract. We also get together to go over major events, such as AC 430 in RIC and AC 411 in DCA. Our goal is not to investigate specific events, but to share knowledge of what has happened so far in any investigation so that we both be mutually aware of what is going on from a company perspective and we can share what ALPA has done on any event.


We would like to remind all flight crews to wear the safety vests while conducting preflight and post flight inspections of the airplane. Flight crews are required to conduct these walk around inspections thoroughly, including using a flashlight when necessary. Making a simple circle of the airplane and not complying with the inspection criteria of the FCM simply must not happen. At night, even if the plane is parked at a gate that is well lighted, a flashlight is still necessary for a proper inspection. As we know, pilots are usually the last line of defense to prevent anything from airplane damage to certificate action.


Pilots are also reminded of FOM Paragraph 3.1.2.A.3, which states the following for first officers. This would also apply when a captain is performing the preflight walkaround as well:


Thoroughly familiarize himself with all MELs in the Maintenance Discrepancy Logbook and on the Release. This should be accomplished prior to conducting the walkaround inspection. This would also include reviewing the associated procedures for each MEL item prior to flight.”


Your ALPA CASC is available to you at any time and our contact information is provided in the ARW ALPA directory which is always attached to the Pay Day Hotline.



AAG Travel



In order to save some time in dealing with the elaborate listing procedures on American Airlines, pilots can simply paste and bookmark the link below into their browser so they don't have to deal with the lack of mobile usage on myairwis.


Once on the myidtravel site, select “Air Wisconsin” and login using “ZWstaff” (case sensitive) for the user name and “303” for the password.



ALPA Air Safety Forum

By Dan Lehenbauer, Central Air Safety Chairman


On July 20-23, several of your safety representatives, along with other committee members, attended the annual ALPA Air Safety Forum in Washington DC. The theme this year was “Keep America Flying: A Flight Plan for Safe and Fair Skies”. This four-day event always begins with two days of committee meetings, which your safety representatives attended. Your ASAP Chair attended the Safety Information Analysis Programs (SIAP) meeting while one of your accident investigators attended the Chief Accident Investigator Refresher class.


As chair of the Central Air Safety Committee, one of my responsibilities is to attend the ALPA Safety Council meeting which was a two-day event. For the first topic, we heard a presentation entitled “Safety and Training Attitudes of Millennials” by a university professor. Please, do not answer your phone while on short final, as this professor says is happening out there on the line! In fact, we are reminded of the following paragraphs from chapter seven of the FOM:


7.26.1 Entertainment Devices

Company policy prohibits the use of personal entertainment devices; such as iPods, MP3 players or other similar devices; while performing crewmember duties or occupying a crewmember position.


7. 26.2 Cellular Phones

A cell phone is not authorized for use while the aircraft is being taxied. The unit will be turned off and properly stowed prior to taxiing for takeoff and remain off until arrival at the gate.


No, I am not saying that “millennials” are the only ones doing this; I’m not even saying this is happening anywhere at Air Wisconsin, since we are truly professional pilots. This just serves as a reminder to all of us to comply with sterile cockpit and all of the provisions of our manuals. This presentation was quite interesting, especially when hearing real-life examples of pilots who answered their phones while on final approach to land. Seriously?!


We also got updates from several standing national safety committees including AGE – Airport and Ground Environment; TPC – Training Programs Committee; ATS – Air Traffic Services; ADO - Aircraft Design and Operations Group; and the Energy and Environment Group. In the last fiscal year, there were 1010 total runway incursions, which included 628 pilot deviations; 177 vehicle and pedestrian incursions; and 205 operational incursions. 49 percent of these were from the General Aviation community, with the majority of the rest from FAR 121 carriers.


The AGE group is working with the FAA to help redesign airport taxiways to avoid getting onto a runway without making at least one or two turns. The ATS group is currently looking for volunteers who are interested in Air Traffic Control. No ATC experience is necessary, although their volunteers need to be good at research. The ADO group is looking for a pilot volunteer who has engineering experience in radio RF design. They are also looking for a volunteer to address issues with the EFB. Please contact me if interested.


We heard updates on the ASAP & FOQA Data Fusion demonstration project that other airlines are doing. We are paying attention to this as someday our ASAP and FOQA data may be fused with other data (ATSAP, radar data, etc.) to get a bigger and better picture of events that take place. The demonstration project occurred over a two-year period that ends September 2015. When the demonstration projects ends, there will be an Operational Prototype program where more airlines will be invited to join which will last for two more years. They anticipate full data fusion availability beginning in 2017. Several points of concern are governance, transparency, de-identification, and ensuring a non-punitive structure.


And finally, the Energy and Environment Group reports that domestic US flying accounts for only two percent of all greenhouse gas emissions and is fighting against foreign carbon emission taxes proposed on US air carriers.



Veterans Affairs Chairman Needed



Captain Dave Wilcox has served as the Veterans Affairs Chairman since the committee was created as standing committee of the ARW MEC. He has served with distinction, dedication, and honor, and it has been a pleasure to work with him as he is a respected colleague, enthusiastic volunteer, and a friend. Dave will fly his last trip at AWAC on day four of his August trip, which finishes on September 1, 2015 – Flight 4009 BGR-DCA. Congratulations to Dave as he exits the Air Wisconsin traffic pattern on the left 45 degrees, and best wishes to him and his family after retirement.


Consistent with MEC policy established in October 2008, all committee chair openings, as well as all MEC Officer, Negotiating, and Retirement and Insurance (R&I) member positions will be advertised to the Air Wisconsin pilot group. The term of office for the Veterans Affairs Chairman position is concurrent with the term of office of the MEC chairman, which ends Aug. 24, 2016.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Veterans Affairs Chairman include:


·       Promote awareness of Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) regulations as they relate to both members’ rights and employer’s responsibilities.


·       Maintain a dialogue with AWAC Human Resources Department and related ALPA ARW committees i.e. Membership, Retirement & Insurance, and ALPA’s National Veterans Affairs and Professional Development Group.


·       Provide support for member pilots who are reservists, active duty, and military veterans.


·       Assist with information on federal regulations and policies that govern how ARW Airlines Corporation handles military service members, including active duty, reserve, and veterans.


Interested pilots can submit their intent to run for the position to the MEC via by the close of business on August 28, 2015. Applicants should include why they are interested in the position and their applicable background. Applicants should also call the six voting members of the current MEC (Matthew Chadwick, Will DeShazer, Thorne Saylor, Reed Donoghue, Carl Fleming, and Jared Alexa) to secure a nomination and garner majority support. An election for the Veterans Affairs Chairman will subsequently be held during after the MEC has reviewed all candidates and during a Special MEC Meeting.



Committee Activity for July 2015

By Jeff Pruett, MEC Vice Chairman


This article provides you with an overview of our committees, building on updates from past MEC communications, including Facebook and other media. Our ARW ALPA volunteers do an incredible amount of “heavy lifting” for our pilot group, ALPA, the MEC, and Air Wisconsin (that’s right, we’re trying to help Air Wisconsin become a better company).


While it’s important for you to know about the work that’s being done, it’s equally important for you to understand the role each committee has in helping the MEC fulfill its mission. This is a summary of the work of your fellow line pilot ALPA volunteers.


Several ARW ALPA volunteers were able to attend the 61th Air Safety Forum in Washington D.C. on July 20-23. Central Air Safety Committee (CASC) Chairman Dan Lehenbauer participated in the biannual Safety Council meeting that was held during the Forum. This Forum fosters valuable discussions with other airlines about current safety issues and programs, as well as updates from all the different National Safety Committees. The Air Safety Forum includes workshops for safety, training, jumpseat and security, as well as council meetings for each of the areas. Also in attendance at the forum and/or breakout sessions were ASAP Chairman Chris Fuson; CASC Member / Accident Investigator Jason Seibert, Training and Testing Chairman Charlie Mader, Jumpseat and Security Chairman Nick Chichester and Jumpseat and Security Member Joe Cetrone.  For more information on the ASF, read Dan Lehenbauer’s article elsewhere in this message.


In July, Negotiating Chairman Mark Lockwood, Jumpseat and Security Chairman Nick Chichester, and Legislative Affairs Chairman Jeffrey Woodham, and Legislative Affairs Member Tim Simmons recorded special topic-specific and committee updates for the pilot group. These and other outstanding podcasts are available here, and iPhone users can download the ipadio podcast app here and search for “Air Wisconsin Pilots.”


Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback was busy in July fielding numerous phone calls from pilots; please give Jack a call if you have Aeromedical, Short-Term Disability (STD), or FMLA questions or issues. We presently have seven pilots out on short-term disability, and the short-term disability bank balance is roughly $55,000.  The STD Bank will be turned off for a few months per Section 27 G. 10 of the CBA.


The ASAP Committee is composed of Chairman Chris Fuson and Secondary Representatives Marlena Cooper and the newest representative, Aaron Milton. The Event Review Committee (ERC) currently has 23 open reports. Regular ERC meetings were conducted on July 7, 15, 23, and 31. The ERC reports that they are still getting a signification number of taxi error reports. The pilot group is advised to slow down, write down taxi instructions, use the airport diagram, and query ATC if there is ever any confusion. Both crewmembers should be monitoring the taxi. In addition, it is very easy to become complacent when doing walkarounds, which can allow for things to be overlooked.  A detailed explanation of the walkaround and what to be looking for can be found in the FCM. 


Lastly, Aaron Milton will begin to sit in on ERC meetings in the near future, and upon completion of all the ERC training modules. Aaron has been with Air Wisconsin for nearly five years and has more than 6,000 flight hours. In 2003 he graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science and double minor in Meteorology and Flight Safety.  The Flight Safety minor included courses in aircraft accident investigation, aircraft materials and human factors. Aaron’s professional experience includes 1,600 hours of instruction given in a part 61 flight school and as the lead captain on a PA-31 operating on a part 135 certificate.  In addition, during his time at the flight school Aaron acted as a senior check airman, responsible for evaluating the progress of students during stage checks.


Community Involvement Committee (CIC) Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger reports that Norfolk was the only domicile with a CIC event in July. Norfolk volunteered with the Samaritan House of Virginia Beach and participated in one of their group volunteer opportunities to do a deep cleaning of a shelter home. The Samaritan house provides emergency assistance to victims of domestic violence. Captain Jim Sweet, Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger and Raena Weimer  participated. There are no events scheduled for August, but Robbie is in the process of coordinating an orientation for the Ronald McDonald House in August that will enable the CIC to schedule events with them in the future.


Grievance Committee Chairman Ken Nesbitt reports the committee had a fairly standard month. They received eight issues from pilots resulting in four being sent to the Company and zero resolved. The remaining four are awaiting additional information from the pilots before being further handled. The committee had initially planned to do an in-person meeting with the Company to discuss outstanding issues, however due to staffing issues the committee was unable to do so. Since news of the TA, the Grievance Committee will be compiling our issues and outstanding grievances and try to meet with the Company to hopefully resolve them so we can start the new contract off with a clean slate. Stay tuned for further details as they become available.


Grievance Committee Member Dave Anderson is in charge of the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Dave regarding your issue form, please make his job easier by calling back or responding to the e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process, during which the issue form filer needs to be actively engaged.


Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section. Please be patient with the Grievance Committee as they work through your issues and attempt to get you made whole. This issues form and grievance path is unfortunately not a timely process, and if you do have questions about an outstanding issue you filed with committee, please email them with your issue number, the date you submitted your issue, and/or topic of your issue in the email so they can reference it in a timely manner.


Hotel Committee Chairman Ken Honneffer and Member Laura Assia comprise the Hotel Committee. Since the company refuses to abide by our contract (ROC) Brian Milburn has been brought onboard under MEC Special Projects to help the company get on the right path. The committee recently visited CHS on inspections and selected the Charleston Plaza hotel for crew overnights.  It is the former Sheraton property that we have used for some time. For those unfamiliar, please reference the detailed hotel list for information on The Hotel Committee would like to remind crews to take cabs whenever necessary (upon reaching 30 min from block in with no transportation present) and to use the hotel reporting forms via CSS and whenever they have issues. Social media is not the appropriate forum for hotel complaints and issues will not be resolved unless the appropriate channels are followed.


In July, Jumpseat / Security Chairman Nick Chichester and his committee answered several questions about listing and jumpseat procedures and issues with gate agents. The committee encourages our pilot to continue to check jumpseaters' licenses and medicals, this will not only ensure the jumpseater is who they say they are but it is also a requirement of our FOM.


The Membership Committee meet with four new hire classes in Appleton in July. On July 1, Charlie Mader gave ALPA’s “Welcome Aboard” presentation to an indoc class of five and systems class of six, and Clark Maddox presented the same to a indoc class of three and systems class of seven on July 30. Membership Chairman Matt Dugan reminds all pilots to keep the Membership Committee up to date on any changes in cellphone, email, or home address. You can update by emailing Matt directly at or ALPA National at


The Scheduling Committee reminds all pilots to be firm, fair, and friendly when dealing with Crew Scheduling, and always remember that you are on a recorded phone line. Please report all scheduling-related issues to your Scheduling Committee Representative and file an issue form if there is a contractual violation. In July, Scheduling Chairman Andrew Laskey dealt with several Part 117 and contract issues. Pilots with questions can call their Scheduling Reps or ask questions via


On behalf of the MEC, I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their dedication. Much of the progress experienced and many of the goals realized by ARW ALPA are achieved as a result of the ongoing efforts of your volunteers. Thank you. Membership



Late last year the ARW MEC partnered with to offer all ARW pilots on property and future new-hire pilots a FREE 2-year Basic Membership to provide job-hunting and career decision assistance. The MEC would like to remind all ARW pilots you are still eligible for the free membership. Take advantage of this ALPA sponsored benefit to start planning for your future.


Go to to register for FREE membership. You will need to use a credit card to complete the registration, but the card WILL NOT be charged.


Benefits of membership include:


·       Discount on all Job Fair registration fees as well as priority registration

·       Member only pricing on Premier Membership featuring pilot interview preparation

·       Unlimited access to our Members' Content area with pilot job market information.



Second Annual Jonathan D. McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament Sept. 10 in VA Beach

By Reed Donoghue, ARW Council 50 Vice-Chairman


Join your Council 50 Officers, MEC Officers, coworkers and members of Air Wisconsin management at the Second Annual Jonathan D. McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament.


When: Thursday September 10th (Check in: 12:00 PM; Tee Off: 12:30 PM)


Where: The Honey Bee Golf Club Virginia Beach, VA


Cost: $55 (Included: 18 holes greens fees, cart fees, post-tournament ceremony, and donation.)


Format: The tournament will be a four man ‘Scramble.’ This will allow players of all levels to participate and have an enjoyable outing.


Who can play: Anyone looking to have a good time while raising money for a worthy cause.


Prizes and Contests: Just like last year, there will be contests on and off the course, and prizes for the leaders.


Non-Golfers: If you don’t play golf you are welcome to volunteer at the tournament. Volunteers played an important role in making last year’s tournament a success.


Reservation: Please email and write ‘McAbee Memorial Golf’ in the subject to reserve your spot. Please include your name, email address and phone number and note whether you will be paying by check or cash. Space is limited and spots will be reserved on a first come first served basis.


Checks:  Please make checks payable to ALPA.


Deadline for Entry and Payment: Please make your reservation by August 30th.


You can donate to the Jonathan McAbee Memorial Scholarship fund at any time by going to the following address:



New P4P Challenge



Many ALPA members have already donated to Pilots for Pilots (P4P) as part of this summer's "Give Me Five" campaign. If you haven’t contributed yet, there’s a new challenge that will double your giving power.


Recently an ALPA pilot who wishes to remain anonymous indicated that he will match new donations, dollar-for-dollar, if P4P can raise at least $5,000 between now and August 31. Our generous benefactor indicates that this last-minute offer is good for new contributions up to $10,000, but you have to make a donation soon. The campaign ends in two weeks.


Please visit and chip in at least $5. Remember that P4P provides ALPA pilots and their families with financial grants for the immediate, extraordinary expenses generated by widespread disasters. Visit the website to learn more.



July 2015 Resignations

By ARW Membership Committee


Emp #            Name                                                 Resign date

462             Todd           Hannemann          7/27/2015

9677           Jason          Weirick                 7/26/2015

9687           Jeffrey         Wigton                 7/6/2015

9927           Eric              Missi                    7/26/2015

14359         Brett            Passmore             7/24/2015

14464         Devan         Gangadean           7/15/2015

16916         Shane         Barber                  7/3/2015

16942         Paul            Badaracco             7/18/2015

18369         Colin           Gallagher              7/30/2015

18383         Timothy       Simmons              7/30/2015

23646         Harold         Johny                   7/25/2015

23782         Sonia          Cunha                  7/7/2015

25033         Michael        Mills                     7/20/2015

25484         James         Matthies               7/4/2015

25918         Christian      Nowosiadly            7/27/2015

26283         Bob             de Bruin                7/3/2015

26291         Richard        Folsom                 7/19/2015

26290         John            Stuber                  7/27/2015



Upcoming Dates

2015 Dates


August 18-19

MEC Meeting for TA Review, ORD

September 8-9

MEC Meeting for CBA Review, TBD

September 10

Ratification voting opens (tentative)

September 10

McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament, VA Beach

September 30

Ratification voting closes (tentative)

October 9-17

MEC Regular Meeting, Chicago

October 21-22

Executive Board Meeting