July 31, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


Jumpseat Update – Mesa Airlines

By ARW Jumpseat Committee


Due to issues at United and Mesa, ARW pilots are currently not allowed to jumpseat on United Express flights operated by Mesa Airlines.  This is something that both the ARW and Mesa jumpseat committees are trying to remedy.  This issue is confined to only those United Express flights operated by Mesa; other carriers in the United Express feed are unaffected and you still should be able to jumpseat on those flights.  If your plans of travel involve flights on United Express, especially if traveling through KIAD, take note that you will not be able to use those flights operate by Mesa.  Again, this is an issue that your Jumpseat Committee is working on to get fixed.



Training and Testing Update – LOE

By Charlie Mader, Training and Testing Chairman


Recently there have been several cases of pilots struggling with the manual weight and balance calculation that must be done prior to every LOE (this is due to excessive wall thickness at the sim center which makes a live ACARS unit unavailable due to reception issues). As a reminder, although you will normally be paired with another pilot for your AQP events, there are rare instances in which you will have a line check airman or sim instructor sitting seat support with you. In these cases you will be required to do the oral on your own, including the weight and balance calculation. This probably isn't a big deal to most of our FOs who perform these calculations somewhat regularly, but for many captains who usually do little more than sign their name on the form, it can be a daunting task.


Remember, you will usually have access to the ACARS simulator on a tablet in order to assist you in this process. This simulator is great as long as you know how to use it. When entering data it is important to check that the BOW is correct and that it matches the BOW of the simulated airplane. When you get to the final data entry page, you will need to manually enter the MFPTW and MRTW from the TLR. Then when you get to the load summary page, make sure you review it carefully before pressing W/B CHECK.


If there are any CG issues you can use the PAX MOVE or BALLAST function to correct them. Then on the main WT & BAL STATUS screen instead of pressing SEND W/B you will press SUMMARY in the bottom right corner. From there you will press WORKSHEET, which will give you all of the index numbers to copy down onto your paper weight and balance form. The FCM says that you don't need to copy down the passenger breakdown or the baggage breakdown, just the weights, but if you can't remember this then just write everything down - it's not like you're saving much time. Finally, remember to circle the CG Table and the trim setting before you sign your name and employee number.


This is just a brief summary of common trip-ups, but the primary purpose of this update is to remind everyone to show up to your LOE ready to perform a manual weight and balance. I would suggest that you read through the section of the normal procedures chapter in the FCM that talks about weight and balance calculations, and also pay attention in recurrent ground school when your instructor goes through all of this. Remember, you might not have someone else there to help you out.



Ewwww, Bedbugs are Baaaack

By Kenneth Honneffer, ARW Hotel Chairman


ALPA and your Hotel Committee would like to remind crew members about the importance of bedbug safety during overnights.  The Hotel Committee fields an average of one bedbug incident claim per month. Though every claim is taken seriously and professional inspections are performed, not all claims return positive exterminator inspection results. The committee feels you should be aware of the volume of incidents involving crew members. We have worked with the company to put together a few resources for your review.


The first is a general employee awareness guide that can be referenced via the Employee Travel site on myairwis. It outlines some basic knowledge regarding bedbugs and recommended procedures should you believe you have encountered bedbugs on your overnight.


Next is a brief informational video that your Hotel Committee has put together with the help of ALPA.  It outlines a proper bedbug inspection that we recommend each crew member perform on his/her overnights (we certainly do!), as well as some common practices that will help ensure you do not end up with bedbugs in your luggage, or worse, your home.


Please take a few minutes to review the above resources.  They could save you a lot of trouble should you encounter bedbugs in your hotel room.



FAPA.aero Membership



Late last year the ARW MEC partnered with FAPA.aero to offer all ARW pilots on property and future new-hire pilots a FREE 2-year FAPA.aero Basic Membership to provide job-hunting and career decision assistance. The MEC would like to remind all ARW pilots you are still eligible for the free membership. Take advantage of this ALPA sponsored benefit to start planning for your future.


Go to http://www.FAPA.aero/ARW to register for FREE FAPA.aero membership. You will need to use a credit card to complete the registration, but the card WILL NOT be charged.  


Benefits of FAPA.aero membership include:


·       Discount on all FAPA.aero Job Fair registration fees as well as priority registration


·       Member only pricing on FAPA.aero Premier Membership featuring pilot interview preparation


Unlimited access to our Members' Content area with pilot job market information



New P4P Challenge



Many ALPA members have already donated to Pilots for Pilots (P4P) as part of this summer's "Give Me Five" campaign. If you haven’t contributed yet, there’s a new challenge that will double your giving power.


A few days ago, an ALPA pilot who wishes to remain anonymous indicated that he will match new donations, dollar-for-dollar, if P4P can raise at least $5,000 between now and August 31. Our generous benefactor indicates that this last-minute offer is good for new contributions up to $10,000, but you have to make a donation soon. The campaign ends in 31 days.


Please visit www.alpa.org/givemefive and chip in at least $5. Remember that P4P provides ALPA pilots and their families with financial grants for the immediate, extraordinary expenses generated by widespread disasters. Visit the website to learn more.



ARW Pilots Back the PAC in June 2015



The continued support of the PAC and ALPA's legislative work is key to the continued strength of our Union and the protection of the airline piloting profession. The ARW MEC Legislative Affairs Committee and the ARW MEC combined at large to produce ALPA-PAC's best year ever, and culminated the best year ever for the Air Wisconsin pilot group. ARW ranked 3rd overall in PAC participation, behind only Mesa and Delta.  Council 49 and 50, along with the MEC, were inducted into the Key Men Society.


ARW pilots finished 2014 at 26.3% participation, but in order to maintain our record contributions we need to work harder than any other ALPA carrier, reinvent the wheel every year, and encourage our pilots to donate regular, yearly, and/or monthly to the PAC. It is the hope of your union that you will continue the commitment to the PAC and ensure ARW reaches and exceeds our 2015 levels!


ALPA-PAC is funded 100 percent by voluntary contributions from U.S. ALPA members. No dues money is used for political contributions. Every year, thousands of ALPA members demonstrate their commitment to the PAC and its goals through their contributions. Some give annually by personal check or credit card.


The following ARW pilots “Backed the PAC” in June 2015 —for their future, for your future, and for the future of airline pilots. These pilots understand that the future of this industry and our careers will be won or lost on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit www.alpa.org/ALPAPAC.


                  PAUL BADARACCO               MATTHEW CHADWICK



         RYAN  ELLENSON                  DANIEL FLUKE

         COLIN GALLAGHER               TRADD GRALAK


         MILLER HUDSON                  MATT JOHNSON


         MATTHEW LANGER               ANDREW LASKEY

         JOHN LIBERI                       PAUL MARKS


         RODNEY NORTH                   NATHANIEL OSBORN

         TEJAS PANDEJEE                   KENNETH REINERT

         TYSON SARINA                    JEREMY SAYLOR


         KURT SHIPMAN                    PHILIP SIESS



         BLAKE TERRY                      JEFFREY WIRTH




Second Annual Jonathan D. McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament Sept. 10 in VA Beach

By Reed Donoghue, ARW Council 50 Vice-Chairman


Join your Council 50 Officers, MEC Officers, coworkers and members of Air Wisconsin management at the Second Annual Jonathan D. McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament.


When: Thursday September 10th (Check in: 12:00 PM; Tee Off: 12:30 PM)


Where: The Honey Bee Golf Club Virginia Beach, VA


Cost: $55 (Included: 18 holes greens fees, cart fees, post-tournament ceremony, and donation.)


Format: The tournament will be a four man ‘Scramble.’ This will allow players of all levels to participate and have an enjoyable outing.


Who can play: Anyone looking to have a good time while raising money for a worthy cause.


Prizes and Contests: Just like last year, there will be contests on and off the course, and prizes for the leaders.


Non-Golfers: If you don’t play golf you are welcome to volunteer at the tournament. Volunteers played an important role in making last year’s tournament a success.


Reservation: Please email lec50@alpa.org and write ‘McAbee Memorial Golf’ in the subject to reserve your spot. Please include your name, email address and phone number and note whether you will be paying by check or cash. Space is limited and spots will be reserved on a first come first served basis.


Checks:  Please make checks payable to ALPA.


Deadline for Entry and Payment: Please make your reservation by August 30th.


You can donate to the Jonathan McAbee Memorial Scholarship fund at any time by going to the following address: http://www.gofundme.com/2tbgq8



Upcoming Dates

2015 Dates


September 10

McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament, VA Beach

October 9-17

MEC Regular Meeting, Chicago

October 21-22

Executive Board Meeting