July 1, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


Protect Your Future, Today.  Back the PAC!

By Jeffrey Woodham, Legislative Affairs Chairman


“Are you a PAC contributor?” or “Do you back the PAC?”


If you’ve flown with or talked to or even just only come into contact with Jeffrey Pruett (Or Matt Chadwick or Jeffrey Woodham or…well the list goes on), you’ve most likely heard one of these questions.  One question you might have thought is, “What is ALPA-PAC?”


ALPA-PAC is your political voice in Washington, DC and across the country.  It is funded entirely by voluntary ALPA member contributions, which are used to build pilot-partisan majorities in the House and Senate and educate decision makers in Washington on issues that affect your career and your future.  It is the most bipartisan labor PAC in the country, supporting candidates on both sides of the aisle.  Party and ideology are irrelevant to an individual’s support for pilot-partisan causes.


Another question you might have is “Who decides which campaigns receive contributions?”  The PAC is directed by a nine-member Steering Committee consisting of ALPA’s President, who chairs the committee, First Vice President, and seven other ALPA members who are appointed by the PAC Chairman and approved by the ALPA Executive Council.  We have our very own Captain Matt Chadwick as a member of this Steering Committee!  Candidates who receive contributions do so only after demonstrating a commitment to pilots and a careful review of their voting record and public statements.  A list of supported candidates is published regularly and can be found on the ALPA-PAC website at http://www.alpa.org/advocacy/alpa-pac/supported-candidates.


Pilots work in one of the most regulated industries in the country, and we need to have our voices heard in Washington and be able to win on issues that are important to pilots and the profession.  ALPA-PAC is the most effective tool we have to build the relations we need to accomplish this.  The PAC’s efforts have been instrumental in securing ALPA victories such as FAR 117, which overhauled rest rules for the first time in 50 years; fully funding the FFDO program; and averted the sequester for the FAA, to name a few.


However, our industry continues to be threatened by Flag-of-Convenience schemes and unfair competition on an uneven playing field from state-owned airlines, such as the Gulf carriers.  Congressional reauthorization of the FAA bill is critical to promoting and advancing the highest safety standards in aviation and ensuring that FAA operations continue uninterrupted.  We must work to ensure that lawmakers and the industry understand there is no "pilot shortage." You know that rock-bottom starting pay and benefits, as well as little opportunity for career advancement, create major hurdles to attracting new pilots to the profession.  Yet, hundreds of qualified pilots are furloughed or choose to work in other industries, making it clear there is no pilot shortage but a pilot pay shortage.  These are just a few of the issues that your invaluable PAC contributions work to address!


This week, your Legislative Affairs Committee is kicking off our annual campaign to add new members to the PAC.  In 2014, Air Wisconsin pilots became members of ALPA's Key Men Society, recognizing our pilot group for attaining at least 24% participation rate in ALPA-PAC.  The only two pilot groups with higher participation rates than Air Wisconsin were Mesa and Delta.  With your help we can make 2015 an even greater success!


Look for upcoming announcements about this year’s PAC drive coming to an Air Wisconsin domicile near you!


You can learn more about ALPA’s Advocacy efforts and contribute to the PAC here: http://www.alpa.org/advocacy/alpa-pac.



Negotiations Update

By Bob Burgess, Negotiating Committee


Fellow Air Wisconsin Pilots:


The latest mediated Section 6 session of bargaining for a new contract occurred in Chicago this past week (June 22-26).  Attending for ALPA were Mark Lockwood, Graham Hoff-Downing, Chris Suhs, Bob Burgess, ALPA Attorney David Holtzman and Airline Analyst Corey Tennen from the ALPA Economic and Financial Analysis department.  Attending for Air Wisconsin were Bob Frisch, Jeff Bethune, Andrea Jensen, Eddie Spry-Leverton and Tina Vos.  A mediator from the National Mediation Board was present.


We engaged the Company using a close-out style of bargaining known as a “Term Sheet.”  This style is issue-based and efficient.  The sessions were long, with the session on Thursday lasting until after 1:00 am, and resuming Friday at 10:00 am, with 8 hours “behind the door.”

Some progress was made, but not enough progress to bring a completed tentative agreement to you. Your Negotiations team is available and will take every opportunity it can to bring you the best contract possible.  As always we will let you know of any changes, and please contact any member of our Negotiating team if you have any questions.


In unity,


Your Negotiating Committee



CLT – Announcement of Hotel Change



After completing a Request for Proposals (RFP) in CLT for employee accommodations for scheduled crew, irregular operations, pilot training, business and leisure travel, Air Wisconsin, ALPA and AFA jointly inspected many properties and have selected a new hotel.   We expect to transition effective July 1st.


New Property:

Ramada Airport Conference Center Charlotte (recently upgraded to Ramada Plaza)

212 West Woodlawn Road

Charlotte, NC  28217

Phone:  704-688-9977


Highlights for this property:  The Ramada completed an extensive property renovation which included the lobby, restaurant, guest room furniture, bathrooms, bed linens, mattresses and curtains. Four (4) vans offer 24-hour airport and training center transportation as well as scheduled transportation to/from a local grocery store.  Employees will receive a 25% discount for the on-site restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Guest rooms offer complimentary internet, microwave and refrigerator. 


One thing identified during the inspection is that in a nearby strip mall there is a gentlemen’s club.  We raised this as a possible safety concern to the hotel.  However, the hotel Owner and General Manager assured our team that they work very closely with the other area businesses and the local police department to ensure the surrounding area is safe for all patrons.


US Airways mainline uses the Ramada for overflow and has contracted with the Clarion Hotel Conference center for scheduled crew and their employees during irregular operations.   The Clarion, which was also recently renovated, is attached to the Ramada and the hotel owners will soon be renovating a third building which will be a Radisson. 


Some local restaurants within walking distance:  Caribbean Hut, Bankers Raw Bar, Chubz Famous Cheeseburgers, IHOP (24 hours), Tres Pesos, Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Bojangle’s, Carolina Prime Steakhouse, McKoy’s Smokehouse.


Other local area information: Aldi grocery store, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, TJ Maxx and others.  About two (2) blocks from the Ramada is the Light Rail station with transportation to downtown Charlotte. 



Volunteer of the Quarter – Charlie Mader

By ARW MEC Officers


Every quarter, your MEC officers bestow the Volunteer of the Quarter recognition award upon the ARW ALPA volunteer whose work has distinguished him or her above all others, while dedicating an extraordinary amount of time and effort on our pilot group’s behalf. For the second quarter of 2015, Training and Testing Chairman Charlie Mader was selected as the stand-out volunteer to receive the ARW MEC Unified Excellence coin, and our sincerest thanks.

Captain Mader was elected to serve as the Training and Testing Committee chair in May of 2014, and has since spent many days off promoting pilot advocacy, Training Department oversight and support, and pilot and airline industry safety. Charlie is the representative of ARW MEC and the pilots of Air Wisconsin to the Air Wisconsin Training Department and serves as a direct liaison and advocate for our pilots. Charlie works on a daily basis with individual pilots who have training issues and/ or questions, instructor concerns, contractual questions, or feedback on how to improve our training program. Charlie has built relationships within Air Wisconsin, ALPA National, and the industry at large that directly benefit the pilots of Air Wisconsin and make him a more effective leader. In addition, Charlie has a relentless passion for focusing on what’s right, rather than who’s right; and his positive attitude, approachable demeanor, and unyielding work ethic will continue to serve our pilot group well.


In July 2010, Charlie was hired with Air Wisconsin, has been based in ORF since that time, and lives in Appleton, WI. Charlie started working in the training department in Jan 2012, and initially worked briefly with Mike Melotte on AQP curriculum development. Fittingly, he started teaching new hire ground schools, a capacity he continues to enjoy and serve in.


Charlie grew up in WI and earned a two-year degree in aeronautics from Fox Valley Technical College, where he subsequently flight instructed for a year and a half. Accordingly, he earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh in December 2012.


On behalf of the entire MEC, please join us in thanking Charlie for his willingness, dedication, and effectiveness in serving our pilot group; and his overwhelming passion for training and safety. Thank you Charlie for making Air Wisconsin a better place to work and for making a difference.



Junior Manning

By Andrew Laskey, Scheduling Committee Chairman


A recent scenario involving a junior man call begged the question as to when a junior man call is legal vs. not being legal. Section 25.P.1. f. and g. allow for a pilot to be assigned to open flying if the pilot is “The most junior qualified pilot available in domicile (f) or in the system (g) but no sooner than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the trip.”


To ensure that you are legal for the assignment, we must first begin by recalling the FAR rules: 


·       Before a pilot may begin any assignment to a FDP or reserve, the pilot must have had a 10 consecutive-hour rest period including a minimum of 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep opportunity immediately preceding the FDP or reserve assignment.

·       No required duty may take place during a required rest period. Rest is a 10-hour period free from all required duty or tasks and includes an 8-hour sleep opportunity.

·       The pilot must also look back from the start of any FDP or Reserve and see that he/she has had 30 hours of rest in the preceding 168 consecutive hours.


We should also confirm that an off-duty crew member is not required to answer a phone call from Crew Services. However, a carrier can offer a pilot an assignment to a FDP or reserve within 10 hours of assignment. You can volunteer for such an assignment to an FDP or reserve without receiving a scheduled 10-hour rest preceding the assignment, but you cannot be required to accept an assignment to an FDP from open flying without the preceding 10-hour required rest period.


When there are 10 or fewer hours prior to the start of a FDP or reserve period, a company could offer a pilot an assignment, but the pilot could not be required to accept it. If that pilot accepts that assignment, he/she is taking on the responsibility to ensure that they are fit for duty and have had 30 hours of rest in the 168 hours preceding the start of the FDP or reserve period. 


Section 25 P. Assignment of Open Time


2. A pilot will not be required to fly open time pursuant to paragraphs P.1.f. or g. above, or be extended for more than six (6) duty hours (measured from the scheduled termination point of the pilot’s original trip hour period) or three (3) legs, whichever occurs first, pursuant to Section 3.N., for more than a total of ten (10) duty periods in a calendar year, unless the pilot consents to perform the flying. An extension of more than six (6) duty hours or three (3) legs, whichever occurs first, shall be known as a “qualifying extension event.”


Example: A pilot is junior manned pursuant to Section 25.P. to fly one CDO (1 duty period), one 3-day trip (3 duty periods), and one 2-day trip (2 duty periods). The same pilot is extended to fly 2 round trips (4 legs) on three different days (3 duty periods), so that he now has a total of 9 duty periods. He could not be junior manned into a 2-day trip because that would take him over the cap, but he could be extended (more than 6 hours or 3 legs) or junior manned for one additional duty period in that year.


3. The Company will provide a pilot with a confirmation of an assignment to open flying (either junior man or qualifying extension event). The receipt will include the date, trip number, the total number of duty periods, and the name of the scheduler who made the assignment. The receipt will be provided to the pilot, in the manner specified by the pilot (i.e. fax, V-file, E-mail, etc.), within three (3) days of the event.


4. A log that includes all qualifying extension and junior manning events will be maintained and made available during normal business hours to the ALPA Grievance Chairman, or his designee, upon request.



Graham Hoff-Downing Elected MEC Secretary Treasurer



On June 16th at the Regular MEC Meeting held in MSP, the ARW leadership elected Capt. Graham Hoff-Downing as the new MEC Secretary-Treasurer to complete the term vacated by Captain Jared Armstrong. The term of office for this position is concurrent with the term of office of the MEC chairman, which ends Aug. 24, 2016.


Graham earned his Bachelors of Science from Western Michigan University in 2008. After graduating, Graham was a flight instructor for the next 3 years and concurrently held a position as the Brand Manager of a small upstart in eastern Michigan. While a Brand Manager, Graham developed various products, including pilot training aids and a beverage.


In 2011 Graham was hired at Air Wisconsin. Over the last two years, Graham has served on the Grievance Committee and currently serves on the Negotiating Committee. He also is a volunteer writer and content contributor for a travel website called backpackertravel.org and also an intake volunteer at the D.C. Employment Justice Center (EJC). EJC assists low-wage workers with employment issues, such as wage and hour or discrimination. In the past, Graham was a member of FAASTeam (FAA Safety Team), which is an organization that acts a conduit from the FAA to the flying public on hot button safety issues.


Duties and Responsibilities of the MEC Secretary-Treasurer include: (1) In the event of simultaneous vacancy in the offices of the chairman and vice chairman, become acting chairman and shall call a special meeting of the MEC within ten (10) days for election of officers. The secretary-treasurer will preside at such meeting until the election of a chairman. (2) Be charged with keeping the operating, meeting, and financial records of the MEC under the jurisdiction of the MEC Chairman. (3) Work with each MEC committee chairman to develop and properly utilize an efficient yearly budget. (4) Perform organizational or representational duties as may be delegated by the MEC Chairman.


Thank you Graham for your continued and expanded service to the pilot of Air Wisconsin and the Air Line Pilots Association, International.



Interview Workshops: Houston, TX and Herndon, VA

By National Fee for Departure Committee


ALPA’s Fee-for-Departure Committee is pleased to announce our next Interview Workshops available to all FFD members looking for tips on interviewing with the mainline carriers.


Join Cage Marshall Consulting for a full-day workshop in Houston, TX on Monday, July 13th OR Thursday, July 16 at ALPA’s Headquarters in Herndon, VA. Each workshop will help you get prepared to make the best impression and showcase yourself as the candidate the airlines’ HR professionals and hiring managers are seeking. Whether you’re just getting ready to interview or need to freshen up your approach, this is the perfect way to get a leg up on the competition. Space is very limited, so sign up today. Registration for the Herndon workshop opens on July 2; Houston registration will open very soon.


The experts at Cage Marshall will discuss your preparation work—what you need and how to pull the right candidate package together; they’ll help you navigate through the networking necessary to land an interview; and they’ll take you through the interview process in detail, from interview prep to the questions you can expect and the testing process. You’ll wrap up the workshop with a mock interview to leave you feeling confident and prepared. Learn how to tell your story in a way that will leave them wanting more! Added bonus: Bring your résumé for a free review! Other things to bring: Your laptop (you can make changes to your applications or ask questions as we go through it on the screen) and your sense of humor. Dress in comfortable but appropriate attire; suits not required.


Register here or visit ffd.alpa.org to learn more about other ways the Fee-for-Departure Committee is helping ALPA pilots in their career progression.



ARW Pilots Back the PAC in May 2015



The continued support of the PAC and ALPA's legislative work is key to the continued strength of our Union and the protection of the airline piloting profession. The ARW MEC Legislative Affairs Committee and the ARW MEC combined at large to produce ALPA-PAC's best year ever, and culminated the best year ever for the Air Wisconsin pilot group. ARW ranked 3rd overall in PAC participation, behind only Mesa and Delta.  Council 49 and 50, along with the MEC, were inducted into the Key Men Society.


ARW pilots finished 2014 at 26.3% participation, but in order to maintain our record contributions we need to work harder than any other ALPA carrier, reinvent the wheel every year, and encourage our pilots to donate regular, yearly, and/or monthly to the PAC. It is the hope of your union that you will continue the commitment to the PAC and ensure ARW reaches and exceeds our 2015 levels!


ALPA-PAC is funded 100 percent by voluntary contributions from U.S. ALPA members. No dues money is used for political contributions. Every year, thousands of ALPA members demonstrate their commitment to the PAC and its goals through their contributions. Some give annually by personal check or credit card.


The following ARW pilots “Backed the PAC” in May 2015 —for their future, for your future, and for the future of airline pilots. These pilots understand that the future of this industry and our careers will be won or lost on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit www.alpa.org/ALPAPAC.


         Jared Armstrong                Paul Badaracco

         Matthew Chadwick             Reed Donoghue

         Travis Erdminster              Ryan Ellenson

         Daniel Fluke                     Colin Gallagher

         Tradd Gralak                    Kenneth Honneffer

         Miller Hudson                    Matt Johnson

         Gregory Killeen                 Jeremy Krieger

         Matthew Langer                 Andrew Laskey

         John Liberi                       Charles Mader

         Paul Marks                       Andrew Marsden

         Michael McBride                 Schuyler Nachod

         Rodney North                    Nathaniel Osborn

         Kenneth Reinert                Jeremy Saylor

         Brian Shaw                       Kurt Shipman

         Philip Siess                       Timothy Simmons

         Christopher Suhs               Jawad Sultan

         Blake Terry                       Jeffrey Wirth

         Jeffrey Woodham



Upcoming Dates

2015 Dates



July 13

ALPA FFD Interview Workshop, Houston


July 16

ALPA FFD interview Workshop, Herndon, VA


July 20-23

Air Safety Forum, Washington DC


October 9-17

MEC Regular Meeting, Chicago


October 21-22

Executive Board Meeting