June 15, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and ALPA Aeromedical – A Call to ALPA Aeromedical is Your First Step



At one time or another, most of us will face a personal problem or family care issue that impacts the quality of our home life, relationships, health or ability to do our best at work. Most of the time we can work these things out ourselves, but at times we could benefit from professional, objective guidance and support. Air Wisconsin has partnered with FEI Behavioral Health, a well-known and respected provider of EAP and Work-Life Services, to provide these services to you and your family when you need them.


While EAP is a great resource to us, these trained professionals may not be familiar with the high standards that we pilots are required to meet.  EAP may not be familiar with FAR Part 61, our First Class Medical certification requirements, FAA policies and procedures, and our ALPA contract with Air Wisconsin.  We strongly suggest that you seek assistance by calling ALPA Aeromedical first, and place your second call to EAP.  You can speak confidentially with an ALPA doctor who is fully aware of all FAA medical certification policies, and can comment on how to coordinate your treating doctor’s plan and your return to work authorization so that you don’t encounter or create issues with your FAA Medical Certification.  The doctors at ALPA Aeromedical can be contacted at 303-341-4435 (Mountain Time.)


Through FEI’s network of counselors and partners located all across the country, you will have access to highly skilled, licensed, professional counselors and work-life specialists, as well as legal and financial experts, at no cost to you. Some of the life issues that EAP provides assistance for are: Feeling Stressed, Marital issues, Substance abuse, and financial issues.  Visit FEI at www.feibh.com/awac and enter the username: awac, or call 800-638-3327.  Air Wisconsin provides the EAP benefit to us for our home and work well-being, so please utilize this benefit in conjunction with your ALPA benefits.


Filing all of the paperwork and deciphering the fine print of the Short Term Disability Claim while dealing with your medical issues can be taxing and confusing.  The MEC strongly suggests that you contact Jack Roback, your Air Wisconsin Aeromedical Chairman, prior to starting the Short-Term Disability process. Jack is very knowledgeable about the process and can help ensure that your Short-Term Disability benefits are properly applied and, more importantly, that you understand all of the paperwork associated with the claim.  Your calls and or emails to Jack are held strictly confidential.  He can be contacted at 757-304-7434 or Jack.Roback@alpa.org.


Another great resource available to you is our Air Wisconsin ALPA Pilot Assistance.  Aaron Fry is your Pilot Assistance Chairman, and Aaron can be contacted at 704-941-5657 or Aaron.Fry@alpa.org.



AWAC / ALPA 50th Anniversary Picnic, ATW



Fellow Air Wisconsin Pilots,


This is a reminder the MEC is co-hosting a picnic in Appleton, WI, on June 18th from noon to 2 pm to celebrate the Company’s 50th Anniversary of air service. Since 2015 is our airline’s golden anniversary, we want to celebrate and embrace Air Wisconsin’s great heritage.   Think of it as a “Golden Opportunity” for you and your family members to join the Air Wisconsin family celebrating with food, games and comradery. You don’t even need a Golden Ticket -- all you have to do is show up. Food, drinks, fun and a special appearance from St. Vince himself are all free.


Collectively we, and the employees who came before us, have been the backbone of an organization that has been providing outstanding service for 50 years.   As we work together to move our airline into its sixth decade, let’s proudly join together as Air Wisconsin pilots and celebrate this historic moment.


We look forward to celebrating with you!  Remember, YOU are ALPA and together WE are Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation.







FAPA.aero Membership



Late last year the ARW MEC partnered with FAPA.aero to offer all ARW pilots on property and future new-hire pilots a FREE 2-year FAPA.aero Basic Membership to provide job-hunting and career decision assistance. The MEC would like to remind all ARW pilots you are still eligible for the free membership. Take advantage of this ALPA sponsored benefit to start planning for your future.


Go to http://www.FAPA.aero/ARW to register for FREE FAPA.aero membership. You will need to use a credit card to complete the registration, but the card WILL NOT be charged.  


Benefits of FAPA.aero membership include:


·       Discount on all FAPA.aero Job Fair registration fees as well as priority registration


·       Member only pricing on FAPA.aero Premier Membership featuring pilot interview preparation


·       Unlimited access to our Members' Content area with pilot job market information



ARW Career Progression Profile

By Chris Suhs, MEC Chairman


Last month the first ALPA Interview Workshop was held in Denver, CO in partnership with Cage Marshall Consulting. This month ALPA is hosting another workshop in Chicago and the UAL MEC is hosting five hiring webinars. Next month more interview workshops will be offered, with hopes to have several ALPA Open House events scheduled toward the end of summer.


To participate in these events, all pilots need to submit a career progression profile and check ALPA’s Fee-for-Departure Committee webpage regularly for new information and events. By providing information about your qualifications and career progression goals, the Fee-for-Departure Committee can identify needs and focus resources to best serve our FFD pilots in their search for advancement opportunities. The pilots wishing to participate in future ALPA career-progression offerings such as open houses, career webinars, and other career-building programs must fill out the profile.


Currently there are 1,265 pilots with profiles on file, a relatively low participation rate considering the fact there are more than 14,000 FFD pilots flying within ALPA.  Air Wisconsin only has 53 participants, or 6.6% of our pilots, who have a career progression profile on file with ALPA.  The ARW MEC encourages all pilots to find the two minutes it takes to complete the profile so you are able to participate in ALPA provided career progression resources in the future.


The next interview workshops are scheduled for July 16th in IAD; more cities around the nation will be listed soon. There is also an effort underway to coordinate a discount for individual interview services with several vendors. Once those discounts are finalized that information will be shared.



June 25: Airline Pilot Shortage? Myths, Facts, and Solutions



Our aviation industry is growing, and our airlines are hiring pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics. There’s a strong aviation education infrastructure in place to create highly-trained workers and skilled aviators, but challenges remain in attracting young people to our industry. On June 25, just outside Washington, D.C., ALPA will host a one-day conference to bring together airlines, educators, professional pilots, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, and others to explore ways of ensuring that the best and brightest students are not only able, but also willing to enter our industry and become airline pilots.


If you are available to join your ALPA Leadership on June 25th to address the challenges of attracting the young men and women who will come after us, please register by clicking on the link below.


Register today for Airline Pilot Shortage? Myths, Facts, and Solutions.



P4P Launches “Give Me $5” Campaign


As a charity supported solely from donations, the ALPA Emergency Relief Fund, or Pilots for Pilots (P4P), is constantly seeking contributions to ensure that we have the resources necessary to meet member needs. This year, P4P is planning a fundraising campaign, Give Me Five, asking all ALPA pilots to contribute at least $5. If successful, we could bolster our coffers by more than $250,000.


Give Me Five will run from June 1 to August 31 and you’ll see coverage in Air Line Pilot magazine as well as other ALPA communications. For about the cost of a large cup of specialty coffee, you can help P4P meet the immediate needs of pilot families affected by hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, and other cataclysmic events. At the end of the summer, we will tally the totals.


To learn more about P4P please go to the ALPA P4P website and donate today. Remember that we’re all just a disaster away from needing P4P.



Committee Activity for May 2015

By Jeff Pruett, MEC Vice Chairman


This article provides you with an overview of our committees, building on updates from past MEC communications, including Facebook and other media. Our ARW ALPA volunteers do an incredible amount of “heavy lifting” for our pilot group, ALPA, the MEC, and Air Wisconsin (that’s right, we’re trying to help Air Wisconsin become a better company).


While it’s important for you to know about the work that’s being done, it’s equally important for you to understand the role each committee has in helping the MEC fulfill its mission. This is a summary of the work of your fellow line pilot ALPA volunteers.


In May, Training and Testing Chairman Charlie Mader, Professional Standards Chairman Paul Badaracco, and Retirement and Insurance Chairman Rich Clarke recorded special topic-specific and committee updates for the pilot group. These and other outstanding podcasts are available here, and iPhone users can download the ipadio podcast app here and search for “Air Wisconsin Pilots.”


Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback was busy in March fielding numerous phone calls from pilots; please give Jack a call if you have Aeromedical, Short-Term Disability (STD), or FMLA questions or issues. We have 10 pilots out on short-term disability, and the short-term disability bank balance is roughly $39,000.  The STD Bank will be turned on for a few months per Section 27 G. 10 of the CBA.


The ASAP Committee is composed of Chairman Chris Fuson and Secondary Representatives Marlena Cooper and Ron Baker. The last month Ron Baker left for United Airlines; thank you Ron for your service to the pilots of Air Wisconsin and for your advocacy for safety. The Event Review Committee (ERC) currently has 43 open reports. A regular ERC meeting was conducted in ATW on May 19 and 20, which Marlena attended. Of note, this was the last meeting for long-standing FAA representative Keith Duros as he is moving to different job within the FAA. ERC Teleconference meetings occurred on May 6 and 27. The ERC reports that they are still getting a signification number of taxi error reports. The pilot group is advised to slow down, write down taxi instructions, use the airport diagram, and query ATC if there is ever any confusion. Both crewmembers should be monitoring the taxi.


Central Air Safety Committee (CASC) Chairman Dan Lehenbauer met with Managing Director of Safety Chris White at the beginning of May to discuss the AC 430 incident in RIC, ALPA accident/incident notification, and other safety-related issues. Dan reminds the pilot group that the ALPA CASC is available to you at any time. Their contact information is provided in the most recent ARW ALPA directory attached to this Pay Day Hotline.


Community Involvement Committee (CIC) Chairman Robbie Fogelsanger reports that May was a good month for the CIC. ORF participated in the Step Up for the Up Center charity race. PHL had the Love Your Park event where they cleaned and planted at a local park. DCA had an event with Bread for the City who supplies good to local charities and homeless shelters. ORF had an event on June 6th and LGA has its first event planned for later in June.


There is still time as Communications Committee Chairman Ken Reinert is collecting, editing, and developing the next edition of the Wiss-key. Any pilots interested in submitting articles and/or pictures in the next edition are encouraged by the MEC to do so, and should contact Ken Reinert at 703-862-0596 or Ken.Reinert@alpa.org IMMEDIATELY.


Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) Committee Chairman Josh Schmitt and Member Bob Schomaker have been working on a final report from the results of the Fatigue Survey to present to Air Wisconsin.


This month the FOQA Committee Chairman Ron Stocki welcomed new Gatekeeper Christine Carnie as a replacement for Derek Hamill. Christine has a Master’s Degree from ERAU with specialization in Aviation/Aerospace Management and Aviation/Aerospace Safety Management System. Welcome Christine! The ARW MEC thanks Derek for his service and dedication to our FOQA safety program, as well as data management and protection. The monthly FMT meeting was held on May 22 with Ron Stocki, Christine Carnie, and Gregg Syring on the call. The biggest take-away from this meeting is that the ACARS database cube is possibly completed.  Preliminary tests look good, but gatekeepers will need to be trained in its use and the interface completed to verify its functionality. 


Grievance Committee Chairman Ken Nesbitt and his committee members were quite busy in April.  Seven issue forms were filed from pilots, and of these seven, four were sent to the Company via our pre-grievance SharePoint site, two were resolved by the Company without intervention from the committee, and one did not have merit.  The committee was able to finalize the “aggressive reserve pick-up” settlement and a side announcement will be made to the pilots shortly.  Grievance Chairman Ken Nesbitt traveled to MSP for a meeting with the Company along with the Hotel Committee, and MEC Vice-Chairman Jeff Pruett about the ROC hotel grievance. This meeting did not resolve the ROC hotel grievance, nor has it yet resulted in a new process in hotel selection.


Grievance Committee Member Dave Anderson is in charge of the issue form branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Dave regarding your issue form, please make his job easier by calling back or responding to the e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process, during which the issue form filer needs to be actively engaged.


Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section. Please be patient with the Grievance Committee as they work through your issues and attempt to get you made whole.  This issues form and grievance path is unfortunately not a timely process, and if you do have questions about an outstanding issue you filed with committee, please email them with your issue number, the date you submitted your issue, and/or topic of your issue in the email so they can reference it in a timely manner.


Hotel Committee Chairman Ken Honneffer and Member Laura Assia comprise the Hotel Committee. Ken and Laura’s volunteerism is central to ensuring our quality of life when we’re away from home, and without their oversight and continuous and heroic efforts to evaluate properties and advocate on your behalf, hotel quality will continue to slip. However, the committee cannot do it alone, and they need your hotel reports - please fill out hotel complaints on either alpa.org or myairwis.com.


In May, Jumpseat / Security Chairman Nick Chichester and Committee helped several pilots with questions on how to list for the jumpseat on various airlines. The Jumpseat Committee is also aware of an ongoing issue where gate-checked crew member bags are being been sent to baggage claim – this continues to be an issue on American flights operated by US Airways. The ALPA National Jumpseat Committee is aware and they are trying to get this issue resolved so crew members do not have to go to baggage claim and wait 30 minutes for their bags. 


Membership Committee Chairman Matt Dugan traveled to Appleton to meet with two new hire classes on May 26th to welcome them to Air Wisconsin and ALPA. The first class had 9 new hires and the second class had 4.  Matt Dugan says it best, “As always, please help me in welcoming our new brothers by extending your hand and welcome them to the Air Wisconsin/ALPA family.” Matt reminds all pilots to keep the Membership Committee up to date on any changes in cellphone, email, or home address.  You can update by emailing Matt directly at matt.dugan@alpa.org or ALPA National at membership@alpa.org.


In May, the ARW ALPA Retirement and Insurance Committee traveled to Phoenix, AZ for the T. Rowe Price Annual Conference and the Quarterly Meeting for the Air Wisconsin Pilots’ 401k. Present for ALPA were R and I Chairman Rich Clarke, Member Sean Foley, and Member J. Jackson, as well as ALPA Staff Victoria Fortuna and Dan McManus, and Plan Administrator Gary Miller. Present for Air Wisconsin was Director of Benefits and Risk Management Sarah Peters, as well as T. Rowe Price representatives.


The Scheduling Committee reminds all pilots to be firm, fair, and friendly when dealing with Crew Scheduling, and always remember that you are on a recorded phone line. Please report all scheduling-related issues to your Scheduling Committee Representative and file an issue form if there is a contractual violation. With the departure of the outgoing scheduling chairman Tyson Howard, ORF Scheduling Representative Andrew Laskey was appointed by the MEC Chairman Chris Suhs to be the Interim Scheduling Chairman until a replacement can be elected by the MEC. In May, Andrew fielded numerous scheduling inquiries, mostly pertaining to min days off in conjunction with vacation, FDP time zones (AWAC is always Eastern Standard Time since domicile time can be used as the controlling time zone), and Junior Manning.


Training and Testing Chairman Charlie Mader worked collaboratively with CASC Chairman Dan Lehenbauer, FOQA Chairman Ron Stocki, and Chief Accident Investigator John Jester regarding the DCA RNAV departures. Through their discussions it was decided to suggest several changes to the company that were gladly accepted. ALPA promoted the DCA RNAV procedures through our FastRead system and a podcast.  So far, ALPA is not aware of any issues associated with the implementation of these new procedures. 


On behalf of the MEC, I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their dedication. Much of the progress experienced and many of the goals realized by ARW ALPA are achieved as a result of the ongoing efforts of your volunteers. Thank you.



May 2015 Resignations

By ARW Membership Committee


Pilot ID #     Name                                           Date

23079         Tyson          Howard             5/1/15

25112         Jacob          Reynolds          5/2/15

13671         James         Connell II         5/4/15

26311         Michael        Floriani             5/4/15

14481         Anthony       Campbell         5/11/15

26149         Timothy       Schuh              5/11/15

26140         John            Basher             5/15/15

17912         Jared           Ellis                 5/16/16

14431         Mark           Fricke               5/17/15

26200         David          Griffith             5/18/15

26079         Nathan        Reiguluth         5/21/15

26203         Nicholas       Ercole               5/21/15

26335         Joseph        Frascone          5/21/15

9742           Mario           Savian             5/24/15

14353         Adam          Wiest               5/26/15

25409         Patrick         Jangrell Bratli    5/28/15

16920         Michael        Kuczynski         5/29/15

24641         Ronald        Baker Jr.          5/30/15



Upcoming Dates

2015 Dates

June 15-17                MEC Regular Meeting, MSP

June 18                     ARW 50th Anniversary Picnic, ATW

June 22-26                Negotiations, ORD

July 20-13                 Air Safety Forum, Washington DC

October 9-17             MEC Regular Meeting

October 21-22            Executive Board Meeting