May 1, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


Heartbreak Hotel



On April 28th, 2015 ALPA and Air Wisconsin Management meet at the ALPA MSP Offices to discuss the hotel selection process going forward, and the recent and outstanding Grievance over the ROC hotel. Present at the meeting for ALPA were Hotel Committee Chairman Ken Honneffer and Member Laura Assia, Grievance Committee Chairman Ken Nesbitt, MEC Vice Chairman Jeff Pruett, and Senior Labor Relations Attorney Jody Bettenburg. Present from Air Wisconsin was Vice President of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Janet Huculak, Vice President of Flight Operations and Labor Relations Bob Frisch, Director of Flying and Chief Pilot Edward Leverton, and Corporate Travel Coordinator Jessica Eggert. The meeting was cordial, candid, and productive, the result being that we have agreed upon a new trial hotel selection process. Unfortunately, at the same time the company has refused to address the current ROC Hotel debacle in any forum outside of the formal Grievance Process so that matter will have to proceed to the arbitration phase.


Pilot FAQ: How did we end up at the Best Western Rochester Marketplace Inn?


On the night of April 16, 2015 at 2050 CST, MEC Chairman Chris Suhs received a text message from a company representative who wanted to discuss the ROC hotel situation. Late that evening the company advised Chairman Suhs of the decision the company had made to unilaterally move crews from the Radisson Airport to the Best Western Rochester Marketplace Inn starting the next morning of April 17, 2015.  Although characterized as a “courtesy call,” in reality the company was advising ALPA that they had decided to violate both the letter and the spirit of the Pilot’s Collective Bargaining Agreement by ignoring our approved hotel selection and instead move us to their choice that we had clearly informed them was unacceptable. A MEC Group Grievance had been officially filed on April 10, 2015, and at the time it was your Union’s hope that the company would have moved crews to the ALPA-approved ROC Holiday Inn, thus avoiding the need to go to  arbitration and the needless duress on our pilot group.


To fully understand how we have gotten to this point, let’s review the facts. As the Only escape from the unhealthy conditions we found at the old hotel, Air Wisconsin’s Strategic Sourcing offered two properties that had already been evaluated and found to be unacceptable properties. These two properties were the Radisson Hotel Rochester Airport and the Best Western Rochester Marketplace Inn that were inspected by Captain Pruett in 2014. At the time of the inspections it was unanimously agreed by all of those inspecting the properties (Corporate Travel, AFA, and ALPA) that these properties were unacceptable. During a February 2015 re-inspection of the Best Western Rochester Marketplace Inn, the hotel made clear that they will soon be starting major renovations that will extend well into late summer 2015, making this hotel an unacceptable option at least until the renovations are complete and another site inspection can be performed.  Prior to any comment by ALPA on the acceptability of this hotel, the company representative asked Hotel Chairman Ken Honneffer if ALPA would be interested in re-inspecting the Best Western after the remodeling was complete. So we felt that it had been made quite clear by ALPA (and acknowledged by the company representative) that the property is unacceptable at the present time.


So here we are, fellow pilots: The company seems oblivious as to why an AAA “two diamond” Best Western that will be undergoing construction is not comfortable or adequate for the pilot crews. We have tried in good faith to explain our rationale to the company.  The Holiday Inn (just down the street from the Best Western) was given to ALPA on the Company’s short list and we unequivocally accepted that hotel on March 12, 2015. There is no reasonable excuse why our pilot crews are not being transferred to the Holiday Inn as the only listed hotel in ROC that has been found to be comfortable and adequate by the MEC Hotel Committee. The Company now claims that just giving us a hotel on a short list for inspection doesn’t mean that they find the hotel acceptable.


ALPA has stated unequivocally to Strategic Sourcing and Procurement that no other hotel in ROC has been approved by ALPA, and we have been clear that all other hotels that were inspected are not acceptable. What is truly puzzling is why the Company would take issue with the acceptability of a Holiday Inn after having proposed it to us, or why they would choose the Grievance Process instead of complying with our contract. There is no basis for their unilateral action. If they didn’t like the Holiday Inn, we should be visiting other hotels together until we find one we both find acceptable. They are in violation and we will continue to seek compliance with our contract through the means available to us.


We will keep you updated on how we are progressing on all of the locations with open hotel selections. We remain committed to mending this relationship and to finding a more inclusive process. We hope that the trial process agreed to on Tuesday will provide us with a way to get better results as we move forward. The new process addresses our challenges and needs, as well as Strategic Sourcing’s challenges and needs. We hope to achieve the hotel selections that will make your lives on the road less stressful and more comfortable.


ALL-Reserve Conference Call


Reserve Resource Coordinator Sean Yates and Outgoing Scheduling Chairman Tyson Howard, in cooperation with the ARW Scheduling and Grievance Committees, and the ARW MEC will host two All-Reserve conference calls in May - the first one will be Tuesday May 5 and the second Thursday May 7. Both calls will begin at 1900 ET and last for approximately one hour. The dial in number for both calls is 1-800-749-9945, followed by code 8284017.


Participation in the All-Reserve conference call will help ensure that you stay current on the latest issues affecting reserve pilots and provide an opportunity to speak directly with your union leaders, ask questions, and openly discuss issues specific to the life of a reservist - including contractual provisions, FAR 117, the FOM, professional conduct, and reserve quality of life. If you have recently been awarded a CA slot and will be on reserve soon, we encourage you to join us.


Winter Roundup

By John Jester, Chief Accident Investigator


With the Cherry Blossoms having come and gone in DC, for most of us on the East Coast this is a sure sign that spring is here.  For the majority of the country we are done with the winter season, and good riddance -- it was another hard season and many large events tested our system once again.  But thanks in large part to your professionalism it was a good season from the safety side of the operation. 

Looking at the positives, we saw much better training taking place in the classrooms of all the stations.  US Airways Express’ decision to include pictures and reports from the 2013/14 season made an impact.  PHL and DCA put more oversight on their deicing ramp which had an impact, although new equipment in PHL was a blessing and a curse for them.  The struggle with the new equipment was something that all stations would have to deal with.  Spraying operations were good.  At almost every event this year we either had a Management Pilot or an ALPA representative on the pad, and during these observations they made records of the deicing and transmitted them to Ross Collins from Corporate Safety.


We did have some hiccups this season, including major events at FWA and DCA. The FWA event saw a very strong response from management and the FAA.  When the first reports of the FWA incident came into the CASC we already had Ross Collins in FWA.  He conducted a thorough investigation, including video of the incident, and initiated some safety actions to respond to the event.  The FAA, Envoy’s Safety Department, and AWAC all responded to address the situation and conduct further observations.  DCA’s event is still being investigated but we hope to have formal recommendations to correct what we saw happen there.


The Type IV on the fuselage issue was troubling and this issue continues to be fought at the National Level.  I have worked with the Chairman of the Aircraft Design and Operations group at ALPA, as well as Capt. Joe DePete (FDX), ALPA First Vice-President and Head of the Air Safety Organization.  Capt. DePete has in turn been in touch with Airlines for America (A4A) and others regarding this issue.  Currently A4A is already engaged with the FAA on this issue and ALPA is supporting their efforts. 


As spring turns into summer, we will be working with management, US Airways/American Airlines and the FAA to make changes to improve operations next winter.  We will target improvements in training, better language in the manuals, and improved communications during winter weather events.  Further, I have been asked to get involved at the national level take part in deicing operational conferences, where we might see better information being delivered to all airlines. The research I have done for the Type IV issue has also brought about some questions to be addressed at this level. 


I can’t overemphasize how important it is to continue to have the involvement of you, the line pilot. The reports we receive from the line help drive us to areas of concern, and when concerns are received we do look at them and begin to work on them quickly.  You can still pass along concerns to me and I will review and pass them along.  I want to extend thanks to the volunteers who stepped up to monitor deicing operations for ALPA.


So, here’s to the coming summer that hopefully will defrost us and give us time to prepare for next winter.  Stay safe, and have fun with those summer thunderstorms.


Fatigue Risk Management Survey

By Josh Schmitt, Fatigue Risk Management Committee Chairman


The Fatigue Risk Management Committee is conducting a survey of the pilot group and we need your help in assessing the strength and weaknesses of current Air Wisconsin Fatigue Risk Management Program (FRMP). This survey is for all pilots regardless of seniority or seat position and we strongly encourage everyone to participate. The survey is being conducted by ALPA and your comments will not be identified with your name.


Please click on this link to take a five-minute survey. You will need your ALPA login information. If you cannot immediately access your ALPA number and/or password, please call 888-FLY-ALPA (888-359-2572) and choose option 3 to request it. Alternatively, contact myself via email, call, or text and he can look up your ALPA number (contact information below). 


Josh Schmitt

Chairman, FRM Committee

(540) 588-1969


CA Paul Badaracco Elected Professional Standards Chairman



During a Special MEC Meeting held via Conference Call on Saturday April 18th 2015, the MEC elected Captain Paul Badaracco to serve as the Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee. Paul picks up the torch and will build upon the outstanding work the Committee has accomplished under previous Chairman BG Garner.


Paul graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 2003 with a BS in Aviation Management with Flight Option, and a MS in Aviation Human Factors in 2005. His airline career started at Colgan Air where he flew from Sep 2005 until Oct 2006. In March 2007 Paul started training at Air Wisconsin, and was originally based in PHL. Paul had the chance to be based at all our domiciles since then (RDU included), and in March of 2013 he upgraded to Captain, currently based in ORF.


Paul started volunteering for ARW ALPA in 2010 as member of the P2P Committee. From March 2012 until February 2015 he served as Secretary Treasurer for Council 49. Paul is honored to serve as alongside distinguished Professional Standards Committee Members CA Greg Kileen (ORF), CA Richard Dixon (ORF), FO Ben Keider (DCA) and new Committee member CA Brian Beyer (PHL). 


As professional pilots, we all understand the importance of using our Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills to discuss issues openly and directly and we do not hesitate when safety of flight is involved. In those rare instances when our personal CRM tools fail and personalities clash, we may bid around that person in the future, we may opt to ignore the situation and let it fester, or if grievous, we may opt to take the issue to management. There is a fourth alternative -- peer conflict resolution. This is the role of Professional Standards.


The Professional Standards mission is to protect and enhance the careers of ALPA pilots. Individual pilot volunteers who make up the Professional Standards committees at the MEC level provide a forum for pilots to come to with problems of a professional or ethical nature. Interested peer volunteers will handle these problems under strict confidentiality. Professional Standards deals primarily with pilot behavior in the work place to ensure a safe and professional operating environment. Professional Standards is the guardian of ALPA’s sacred document, the ALPA Code of Ethics.


The Professional Standards Committee does not deal with third party information, and the services of Pro Stands should be sought out voluntarily and on a first-hand basis.


AWAC Departure Checklist



As opportunities for flying jobs continue to multiply throughout the industry, pilots should begin to familiarize themselves with appropriate Air Wisconsin departure procedures in order to ensure a smooth transition out of employment here and into employment at another company.


Key:  PR:  Pilot Resigning


PR:  “Departure checklist please.”



Two Weeks’ Notice................................. SUBMIT

Crew Badge.......................................... TURN IN

Jeppesen Manuals.................................. TURN IN
Company Manuals.................................. TURN IN

SIDA Badge.......................................... AS REQ

Parking Pass / Reimbursement................. AS REQ

401(k)................................................. ROLLOVER


Attached to this PDH is the full Article and the Expanded Procedures in regards to your Sick Bank, Vacation Bank, Uniform Bank, 401(k), Final Pay Check, Parking Reimbursement, Miscellaneous, Company Travel Privileges, Other Services & Benefits, and a Before You Go (Pre-Departure Checklist). Also attached is an “AWAC Termination Separation Kit” and “Items to be Returned to AWAC”.


Scheduling Committee Chairman Needed



The MEC thanks Scheduling Committee Chairman Tyson Howard for his service, dedication, and sacrifice to the pilots of Air Wisconsin. Many has been the day and night that Tyson spent his free time helping our pilots with a scheduling, contract, pay, or Part 117 questions, as well as educating our group on these issues through numerous articles and podcasts. Although we are sad to see Tyson leave a vacancy in our union, we wish him all the best at Atlas and in the new chapter of his professional life.


Consistent with MEC policy established in October 2008, all committee chair openings, Negotiating, and Retirement and Insurance (R&I) member positions will be advertised to the Air Wisconsin pilot group. The term of office for this position is concurrent with the term of office of the MEC chairman, which ends Aug. 24, 2016.


Scope and Directives of the Scheduling Committee Chairman


      i.         The chairman and the respective regular committee members shall meet as needed with AWAC Crew Planning personnel and discuss any problems or procedures pertinent to the scheduling of ARW pilots, to arrive at potential areas of agreement.

    ii.         Present the MEC with information resulting from such discussions.

   iii.         Make formal recommendations to AWAC Crew Planning after the MEC has had the opportunity to establish policy or procedures regarding such problems.

   iv.         Prepare a detailed report covering the anticipated manpower impact of future tentative Agreements, and distribute them to the MEC prior to the ratification meeting.

    v.         The Scheduling Committee will obtain from the company and issue a list of the daily incidents of "Junior Manning" and make this information available to the MEC on a regular monthly basis.

   vi.         Obtain from the company and report on a monthly basis the current and running total vacation days relinquished by the pilots for personal trip drops.

 vii.         Meet with the representatives of the LSC to discuss any problems at the local domiciles.

viii.         The local representatives will have the responsibility of reviewing the schedules monthly before the lines of flying go to the domiciles, and also dealing with schedule problems of a local nature.


Interested pilots should submit their intent to run for the position to the MEC via by the close of business on May 14, 2015. Applicants should include why they are interested in the position, their background, and whether or not they are interested in volunteering as a Scheduling Committee member if they are not selected to the position of Chairman. Applicants should also call the six voting members of the current MEC (Matthew Chadwick, Will DeShazer, Thorne Saylor, Reed Donoghue, Carl Fleming, and Colin Gallagher). The position of Scheduling Committee Chairman will subsequently be filled during a Special MEC Meeting.


ARW Pilots Back the PAC



The continued support of the PAC and ALPA's legislative work is key to the continued strength of our Union and the protection of the airline piloting profession. The ARW MEC Legislative Affairs Committee and the ARW MEC combined at large to produce ALPA-PAC's best year ever, and culminated the best year ever for the Air Wisconsin pilot group. ARW ranked 3rd overall in PAC participation, behind only Mesa and Delta.  Council 49 and 50, along with the MEC, were inducted into the Key Men Society.


ARW pilots finished last year at 26.3% participation, but so far in 2015 only 7.7% of ARW pilots have given to the PAC. Council 49 and Council 50, both at about 33% last year, have fallen to 9.6% and 10.4%, respectively. To achieve and maintain our record contributions we need to work harder than any other ALPA carrier, reinvent the wheel every year, and encourage our pilots to donate regular, yearly, and/or monthly to the PAC. It is the hope of your union that you will continue the commitment to the PAC and ensure ARW reaches and exceeds our 2015 levels!

ALPA-PAC is funded 100 percent by voluntary contributions from U.S. ALPA members. No dues money is used for political contributions. Every year, thousands of ALPA members demonstrate their commitment to the PAC and its goals through their contributions. Some give annually by
personal check or credit card.

The following ARW pilots “Backed the PAC” in March 2015 — for their future, for your future, and for the future of airline pilots. These pilots understand that the future of this industry and our careers will be won or lost on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit


Jared ArmstronG









Reed Donoghue





Robert Fogelsanger



















Andrew Marsden









Kenneth Reinert















Ralph Wainwright








Upcoming Dates


2015 Dates

May 6

CIC Event: Bread for the City, DCA

May 9

CIC Event: Liberty Lands Park Cleanup, PHL

May 9

CIC Event: Step Up for the Up Center, VA Beach

May 13-14

Executive Board Meeting

June 12-20

MEC Regular Meeting

July 20-13

Air Safety Forum, Washington DC

October 9-17

MEC Regular Meeting

October 21-22

Executive Board Meeting