April 1, 2015 ARW Pay Day Hotline


Community Involvement Committee (CIC) Update

By Robbie Fogelsanger – CIC Chairman


Dear fellow Air Wisconsin pilots, I would like to introduce myself and the newly established Community Involvement Committee (CIC).  My name is Robbie Fogelsanger, I am a Norfolk based Captain and I am the new chairman of CIC, as well as Norfolk coordinator. I would like to thank the MEC for their support in electing me to the position. 

CIC is a first of its kind at any ALPA carrier. Our goal is to get Air Wisconsin pilots involved in volunteer and community service opportunities around our bases. Supported by the ARW MEC, the committee will organize, publicize, and conduct events in each domicile. Each base will be represented by a committee coordinator who will be the point of contact for organizing events in their respective domicile. Please welcome Captain Matthew Inkel, who will be the coordinator for Washington D.C.; and First Officer Adam LaPierre, who will coordinate Philadelphia. In addition, I am looking for a volunteer to represent La Guardia. If interested please contact me at the information listed below. 


The events the committee may organize will vary, from cleaning up a neighborhood park to helping our veterans through the USO. There are many great organizations that could benefit from our involvement. If you already volunteer, or you have a great idea for a charity event, please contact your coordinator so we can plan an ALPA community involvement event. Our hope is to hold our first events in April and at least once a month from then on. If you are interested in volunteering or coordinating an event please contact one of us. 


Let's make ALPA history and ensure the Community Involvement Committee is a great success by helping the needy and bettering our communities!


Robbie Fogelsanger

CIC Chairman / ORF Coordinator


(480) 250-6190


Matthew Inkel

DCA Coordinator


(703) 200-6111


Adam LaPierre

PHL Coordinator


(973) 220-9753



Volunteer of the Quarter

By ARW MEC Officers


Every quarter, your MEC officers bestow the Volunteer of the Quarter recognition award upon the ARW ALPA volunteer whose work has distinguished him or her above all others, while dedicating an extraordinary amount of time and effort on our pilot group’s behalf.


For the first quarter of 2015, Chief Accident Investigator John Jester was selected as the stand-out volunteer to receive the ARW MEC Unified Excellence coin, and our sincerest thanks.


The last winter, John created, coordinated, and oversaw a special operations team for De-Ice Observations. At any given winter event, either a member of Flight Management or ALPA was onsite to observe de-ice events to ensure that de-ice procedures, protocols, and safety measures were properly followed.


In addition, John published Fastreads and recorded podcasts to update the Air Wisconsin Pilots on de-icing, safety concerns throughout the system, the investigations into these events, and the outcome and preventive measures to prevent reoccurrence. John effectively works with flight management and the Air Wisconsin Safety Department to make our operations safer on a wide range of dynamic issues.


John first volunteered for ARW ALPA Safety in 2007 for the Central Air Safety Committee (CASC).  He took the Basic Safety and Airport Safety Liaison (ASL) courses in 2008 and then 2009, and subsequently completed the Accident Investigation 2 (AI2) and Accident Investigation 3 (AI3) courses, and has served as the ASL for DCA since 2009. 


While he was on furlough as a pilot at Atlantic Coast Airlines / Independence Air he acted as a Chairman for the Safety Committee in ORD and IAD. During that period he was responsible for writing the manual for the station deicing operations and managing the operations.  As a Maintenance Quality Assurance (QA) Auditor he served as the representative to monitor deicing for the QA department as well as supported deicing spraying. John’s de-ice knowledge goes as far back as 1994 when he worked as a UAL ramp agent. 


In John’s “spare time” he is a 22-year member of the Civil Air Patrol, where he has been certified in many areas supporting search and rescue and disaster relief operations plus being a deputy commander in two squadrons.  He is currently supporting Civil Air Patrol at the National Headquarters level and starting a Safety Management System for CAP. 


On behalf of the entire MEC, please join us in thanking John for his willingness, dedication, and effectiveness in serving our pilot group, and for making our working environment safer.



FedEx Hiring Window is Open



For Air Wisconsin pilots who want to move on to another carrier, the FedEx pilot hiring window is now open. The application process begins by completing a profile at:





Hotel Committee Update – ROC

By Ken Honneffer, Hotel Committee Chairman  


The Hotel Committee has been getting a lot of questions about the hotel situation in Rochester, so please allow us to fill everyone in.  We are currently waiting for the Company to finalize the contract with the new hotel, the Holiday Inn and Suites, Rochester Marketplace.  The hotel is located on Jefferson Road, just down from the interim Radisson Airport property.  The fitness center is due for renovation by mid-summer of this year to include new cardio equipment and updated weight equipment.  The hotel has also been working with a nearby LA Fitness to negotiate a day-pass deal, but that has yet to be decided upon.  Details regarding breakfast and dining discounts are still being finalized, however initially 20% off food was offered.  Microwaves and refrigerators are provided in each room.


This hotel is operated by a larger management conglomerate, and as such there are some details that we think make this Holiday Inn stand out above others.  One such example is a list provided at check-in for various items provided for additional guest comfort (4 different pillow options, including tempur-pedic and buckwheat filled; humidifiers; eye masks; ear plugs; fans, etc.).  The location of this hotel is its biggest asset.  It is just across the street from the Marketplace Mall, and there are numerous restaurants and shopping/entertainment options very close by  


We are confident that crews will be happy at the new location and look forward to your feedback.  As always, any comments are welcome through the hotel feedback links on crewroom.alpa.org and the company site.  



ARW Pilots Back the PAC



The continued support of the PAC and ALPA's legislative work is key to the continued strength of our Union and the protection of the airline piloting profession. The ARW MEC Legislative Affairs Committee and the ARW MEC combined at large to produce ALPA-PAC's best year ever, and culminated the best year ever for the Air Wisconsin pilot group. ARW ranked 3rd overall in PAC participation, behind only Mesa and Delta.  Council 49 and 50, along with the MEC, were inducted into the Key Men Society.


ARW pilots finished last year at 26.3% participation; in 2015, only 6.8% of ARW pilots have given to the PAC. Council 49 and Council 50, both at about 33% last year, have fallen to 8.3% and 8.8%, respectively. To achieve and maintain our record contributions we need to work harder than any other ALPA carrier, reinvent the wheel every year, and encourage our pilot to donate regular, yearly, and/or monthly to the PAC. It is the hope of your union that you will continue the commitment to the PAC and ensure ARW reaches and exceeds our 2015 levels!


ALPA-PAC is funded 100 percent by voluntary contributions from U.S. ALPA members. No dues money is used for political contributions. Every year, thousands of ALPA members demonstrate their commitment to the PAC and its goals through their contributions. Some give annually by personal check or credit card. 

The following ARW pilots “Backed the PAC” in February 2015 —for their future, for your future, and for the future of airline pilots. These pilots understand that the future of this industry and our careers will be won or lost on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit www.alpa.org/ALPAPAC.


Jared Armstrong

Matthew Chadwick

Richard Clarke

Reed Donoghue

Jeremy Krieger

Robert Fogelsanger

Miller Hudson

Colin Gallagher

Michael Perrizo

Kenneth Honneffer

Charles Mader

Andrew Marsden

Andrew Rabe

Kenneth Reinert

Brian Shaw

Philip Siess

Christopher Suhs

Jawad Sultan

Blake Terry

Ralph Wainwright

Jeffrey Woodham

Ryan Ellenson

Matt Johnson

Michael McBride

Timothy Simmons

Jeffrey Wirth


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